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  1. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Preview of my all white build

    Check the cable from the strimer to the Lian-Li controller, if I am correct it just needs it changing to one of the other ports, think there is three on there if I am not mistaken.
  2. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Advice on current build please

    Cards are manufactured by Zotac themselves and not by any other company, they just don't have the branding.
  3. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Advice on current build please

    Hi, the OEM version will perform and function exactly like the retail one minus the box and booklet you get with retail, I have been very impressed with the OEM version of the card you have and it doe's seem to be very of good quality, not had many issues if any with them as far as I know.
  4. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Advice please? Is this case suitable for the GPU

    That case will be just fine, the cooler will be top mounted so will not cause any issues due to the length of your GPU.
  5. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST New Build, Corsair 5000D, Strix 570, 5900X, 32GB RAM

    Fans are pushing air through the radiator and out of the top of the case as they should be judging by the picture.
  6. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Corsair 5000X Rainbow Beauty 😎

    Very nice, it seems the 5000X is one of our best selling cases at the moment.
  7. sanj


    Glad you are happy with your PC!
  8. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Is this a spare fan?

    Enjoy your PC glad to hear you are happy with it!
  9. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Loving my new PC

    Hi, I'm glad you are enjoying your PC but as someone has mentioned your LED strip has come away from it place inside the case, simply take the side panel off and push the LED back into place, it's held in place by double sided clear tape.
  10. sanj


    Look's like a PCS 6003b case? If so this is not ideal but if you take the case side off and slacken the two black hex screws holding the GPU in and push the card down a tad and then tighten the screws back up. Please report back and let us know how you get on.
  11. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Vertical mounting of GPU

    Just to add the 680X doe's not come with the mounting kit from the PCI-e slot to fit vertically.
  12. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Vertical mounting of GPU

    Hi, can only be done if the chosen case provides the option to, one of them as far as I know is the Cosmos M and maybe the Thermaltake X71.
  13. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Corsair H100x Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler

    Hi Matrus, the H100X is a sealed unit and doe's not require any maintenance.
  14. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST New computer can't find fan controller

    The fan controller is on the top of the case near the power button, the three button's control fan speed, rgb colour and finally pattern.
  15. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST 2x2TB Drives - Only One Shows In Win/DManagement

    Please check the hard drive caddy's as they are slotted into the sata /power connector as these can come loose during transit, just push them in as far as they can go and see if this solves your problem, if not the drive's may be held in by a small cable tie, just snip that and push the tabs in...
  16. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST usb 3.0 front connector

    You need one of these...
  17. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Have a look at this good value pc!

    Must be on drugs![rollinglaugh]
  18. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Ssd adaptor for coolermaster cm storm enforcer case?

    Use the plastic 3.5" hard drive rail's that come with your Enforcer case(top right in the picture) and that will solve your problem.
  19. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Power supply lead

    Hi,if the TV power lead is the same type(kettle lead)it won't be a problem,and it would work fine as it's the same fitting.
  20. sanj

    PCSPECIALIST Just got round to putting my new machine together!

    Not really a new pc from PCS,but as I work there I thought i'd just show some of new the new Thermalright Silver arrow cooler i'm fitting in my new i7 rig. Lot's of work to do as all the hard drive's are coming out and cable management is going to take hour's and I can't be bothered...