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    Two minor issues: Keeps waking itself up from sleep and the clock and date are off, and default back to another time after reboot any ideas?
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    PCSPECIALIST I just received my Optimus VII

    As the title says, I recieved my new laptop today. I built the spec primarily for software / web development. I wanted something with a nice size screen, very fast multi-tasking and a nice (not in your face style) case which would look sleek at business meetings. Of course, some light gaming...
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    PCSPECIALIST Optimus VII case

    Do we know if these new chassis have arrived in stock yet (with the 6th gen chips)? cheers
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    PCSPECIALIST Just ordered this for personal/business use

    Ordered this machine, primarily for software development. It'll double up as a light games/media machine while the dedicated gaming rig has been hijacked by the missus..! Feedback appreciated Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD IPS LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU)...
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    PCSPECIALIST How often to PCS...

    How often do PCS change the laptop case options? I would like to buy a 17" with hd screen for working purposes, don't particularly like the Cosmos III mouse pad/clicker.
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    PCSPECIALIST Advice on this spec - web development, programming, general business use

    Interested to hear you thoughts on this build, and in particular the case. thanks Chassis & Display Cosmos Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-4710MQ (2.50GHz) 6MB Memory (RAM) 8GB KINGSTON SODIMM DDR3 1600MHz (1 x...
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    PCSPECIALIST Cosmos 3 case review ??

    Hello, i'd be interested to hear from anyone with this case? Just a review / recommendation? thanks
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    PCSPECIALIST Laptop for business startup

    Hello, How does this spec look? To be used for web design and software development. It will be in my backpack daily to and from work via motorbike. General use + development i.e. running visual studio, various extensions, multiple browser tabs, music etc all simutatiosly. I will be 50/50...
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    PCSPECIALIST Spec for .Net Software / Web development

    Hello guys, can you please look this over and challenge me where due? Note that i already have a dedicated gaming rig, but i'm looking for something purely for development use (but with performance in mind). I'm also a little concerned about the touchpad (not visible buttons - how does this...
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    PCSPECIALIST Laptop required for software development

    Hello, I'm a .NET developer in the market for a laptop. My gaming desktop serves me very well, but has since been commandeered by my partner and her photography business. I'm looking for performance, but not complete overkill.. I'm used to using an OC'd i7 2700k @ 4.8gh, 8gb 1600mhz ram...
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    PCSPECIALIST Updated ATI drivers and now I'm getting white dots flashing here...

    and there on the screen. Any ideas guys?
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    PCSPECIALIST PC is here!!

    Managed to intercept the parcel from a local courier here before Royal Mail got a chance to destroy it (isle of man). PC so far is frickin awesome, getting a 7.7 windows experience score. currently downloading BF3 (4.45MB/s gotta love it) and have the day off work tomorrow!!! Will soon reply...
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    PCSPECIALIST Epic headshot
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    PCSPECIALIST Decisions!!

    I'm stuck between either getting the SWTOR keyboard and mouse, or getting a steering wheel and a copy of F1 2011. I'm a star wars fan and an F1 fan. I'll be playing SWTOR a lot, but the F1 game looks soooo sweet... I'll also be playing BF3. Should I get the peripherals and hold out for F1...
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    PCSPECIALIST In your experience..

    I know it'll vary but, once your received the 'order has been built' email, how long did you have to wait for the dispatch confirmation? Thanks
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    PCSPECIALIST PowerColor HD6970 2GB

    Anyone know if the PCS supplied card can be overclocked? I'm assuming it can be through AMD Overdrive?
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    PCSPECIALIST PCS open today? Only have a mobile and so expensive to call from the Isle of Man

    Order: 425027 Not heard back from 2 emails sent Fri/Sat, and Live chat doesn't appear to be working. After spending £1,460 I'd appreciate an update on my order please. 9th day now, still on pre-production and would like to receive by the weekend for Beta testing invitation. Please refer to...
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    PCSPECIALIST Wondering about FPS in BF3 on my new build

    Hi all, I've just ordered the below, and wondering what kind of FPS i'll get on BF3 1920x1080 on ultra settings. Asus P8Z68-V i7 2700k @ 5ghz 2GB AMD HD 6970 - may O/C this or get another for crossfire after Xmas 8gb Kingston hyper X Thanks
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    PCSPECIALIST Moved to here - my new spec and first PC from PCS

    Ordered a new Pc, would appreciate your comments. Was tempted to change to the SATA III, but would lose 40gb unless i paid stupid money for the 250gb. Will stay with the 320 160gb SATA II i guess - valuable space on the drive! :) Case COOLERMASTER HAF 922 MID TOWER GAMING CASE Overclocked CPU...