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  1. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST One of my Fans has Suddenly Started to be very Noisy

    Hi I have had my PC since May this year. All has been well until this morning when one of my fans has started to make an awful noise. It also keeps starting and stopping. I thought there might be something against the fan and so I opened the PC up and tried to remove the fan. I could not get...
  2. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST Do I Need a Bluetooth Dongle?

    Hi I know this is probably a stupid question, but should I have received a Bluetooth dongle with my PC build? I ask as I am trying to pair a wireless XBox controller to my PC. I have turned on Bluetooth on my PC and pressed the pair button with the controller, but nothing is found. Having...
  3. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST My New Gaming PC is Juicier than my Cat's Nose!

    I received my new high-end gaming PC from PCS two days ago (specs in signature). Wow, it is such a beautiful PC. It is my second desktop purchased from PCS over the years, and my fourth purchase from them in my life time (the first two purchases being laptops). This new PC is so quiet even...
  4. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST Advice on file/folder Incremental Back Up Software.

    Hi For those of you who play FS2020 you'll know that the "packages" folder that houses the Community and Official sub-folders, where dlc are stored can become very large. I like to make back ups of these folders for restoring if I have to re-install the game. So much quicker than having to...
  5. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST Microsoft Store Slow/Not Updating on new PC

    Hi I have just recxieved my new PC from PCSpecalist. Everything was going we until I tried to update Microsft Store. It lists a lot of updates and tries to download them, but they never download/update. They just appear to be pending. My Internet is fine as I am able to download/upload...
  6. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST Upgrading OS over OEM

    Hi With the news of the upcoming Windows 11, I am wondering how that affects us with what I assume is OEM Windows 10 as supplied on PCS computers. Will upgrading to Windows 11 affect my OEM copy of Win 10? What happens if I upgrade to W11, and then have to recover back to factory settings...
  7. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST What does the Red Display Represent - Motherboard

    Hi I'm curious, what does the little red display show on my ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero motherboard? Thank you.
  8. Pumpa Cat

    PCSPECIALIST Issues With Games Crashing

    Hi I have just received my new gaming PC from PCSpecialist, and it seems to perform well. I have a NVidia GEForce RTX 2060 6GB GPU installed. However, I am having some issues with various Steam games. Atlas: With this game I launch it via the Steam program, and it loads in with no issues...