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  1. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Skyrim: Character choice & pics!

    Re-post of my character now that I've got a few hours in. NAME: Byron (level 10) RACE: Imperial ARMOUR: Imperial Light WEAPON OF CHOICE: Sword or Mace - Fine Skyforge Sword at the moment SPELL OF CHOICE: Fire/Shock/Ice depending on enemy plus heal and candlelight. STYLE OF PLAY: Battlemage...
  2. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Skyrim: Character choice & pics!

    A spin off from the main thread so people can easily show off their character and explain your style of play etc and even include pics of your fine looking creation! :) Can use the template below and feel free to add other info if I've missed something out. (+Rep for every profile posted)...
  3. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Home broadband offer from O2 - check it out!

  4. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Dual monitor setup performance

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a 17" monitor for a dual monitor setup, mainly so I can keep an eye on GPU/CPU performance stats while gaming. Just wondering would this affect my FPS? Also can anyone recommend any cheap but reliable 17" monitors? Cheers
  5. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I cannot wait for this! It will keep me warm in the winter months :) Here is a link to the 3 latest gameplay videos..I must say its looking very impressive..
  6. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop spec required please - max £700!!

    Hi guys, Never owned a laptop and I'm looking for a spec able to cope with general everyday duties and intensive internet and film watching use, maybe play the odd game on decent settings but not looking for a gaming spec. Also must stay cool. Max £700...cheers!
  7. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST My new rig and setup pics...finally!

    I apologise for the quality of the pics as I had to use my mobile. Had my rig nearly 3 weeks now and it is brilliant I must say, plus a lot quieter than I though it would be. It runs very cool even when playing games like Metro 2033. I'm happy with it, should last me a while. I may upgrade...
  8. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Anyone looking for a new monitor - check this out!
  9. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST FPS measuring...

    Does anyone know of any good, free programs I could use to measure what FPS I'm getting in games? Metro 2033 runs super smooth with everything maxed out in DX11, just wondered how many FPS I'm getting. Also what's the minimum FPS you need to run a game smooth and is there any limit where you...
  10. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Improving WEI rating for hard disks??

    My Windows 7 Eperience Index rating is as follows; CPU - 7.5 RAM - 7.5 Graphics - 7.9 Gaming Graphics - 7.9 Hard Disk - 5.9 The hard disk is letting me down, how can I improve the rating to 7+? Is it a SSD? Or are there any other options? Thanks :)
  11. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST 2 questions regarding my recent arrival..

    1 - I heard that for powerful case fans its best to connect them direct to PSU rather than the motherboard, what are your views on this? I had to re-connect my side fan on my CM HAF-X and I just connected to the motherboard as it was the easiest option, would there be any issues with this? 2 -...
  12. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST The best FREE Windows 7 cleaning utilities..???

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend the best free Windows 7 utilities to use for cleaning i.e general & registry cleaner? Also good free anti-virus software too? Cheers :D
  13. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Great games to play & test my new rig...suggestions??

    The last game I bought and played on the PC was Civ 5 (great game!). Now that I've ordered my new rig (currently 5th working day), I have bought Crysis Maximum edition ready to test it. What other stand out games would you recommend me to buy?
  14. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST Phenom II x6 1100T cooler it worth it??

    Hi guys, Is it worth upgrading the standard cooler you get with the 1100T? Especially as I may overclock it at some stage.. Cheers
  15. Petchi b

    PCSPECIALIST New PC just ordered!! Thoughts & comments please..:)

    Case COOLERMASTER HAF-X FULL TOWER GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T (3.30GHz/9MB CACHE) - BLACK EDITION Motherboard ASUS® M5A99X EVO:USB 3.0, SATA 6.0Gb/s, Quad CrossFireX™/SLI™ Memory (RAM) 8GB SAMSUNG DDR3 DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB) Graphics Card 2GB AMD RADEON™ HD6970 - 2...