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    PCSPECIALIST Ethernet disconnects after a few hours, reboot fixes, annoying though.

    Just started doing this today, really annoying no idea why. Luckily my PC has a wifi module too although that takes a while to activate. So normal working on the PC then connectivity goes, shortly afterwards the ethernet icon in task bar goes and is replaced with the globe icon. I can connect...
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    PCSPECIALIST Fan type needs identifying, seem to be non existent.

    Way back in Dec 2020 I ordered a PC for my daughter, this had the CORSAIR CRYSTAL SERIES 570X RGB GAMING CASE that comes with some sort of SP 120 RGB fan. I've now hooked up a lighting node pro and disconnected the 3 front fans from it and connected them to the 6 port RGB Hub instead so we can...
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    PCSPECIALIST New Speakers WITHOUT EU power save

    Ok I'm currently using a set of Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Multimedia Speakers which I got in Circa 2014 (with my first PCS order) They're still running fine and I'm very happy except for... The fricking EU mandated power save feature that you can't turn off, which means after 10...
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    PCSPECIALIST PCS Should make these changes on the configurator

    1. If a motherboard has Wi-Fi Compatibility, stop adding a Wi-Fi card onto the configuration - it makes you look like you're ripping people off. 2. If an AIO is ordered, for example one of the Corsair ones where they supply good quality thermal paste, remove the option to specify the same on...
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    PCSPECIALIST GIGABYTE X570S AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) IO USB ports free can anyone confirm this to be correct.

    I've got a PC with this motherboard GIGABYTE X570S AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) IO The only free USB ports inside the case are the ones circled in Red (the bottom one seems to be a 2x 4 double stacked proprietary socket) but I'm not sure if a regular header or two stacked will fit in there, unless...
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    PCSPECIALIST Very slow to do anything up to pc spec/press del to go to bios screen

    Yes it's me again... Wondering why my PC is very slow to do anything from when you power on until the PC Specialist logo/ bios options screen comes up. It's pretty quick once it gets to that point but getting there... I've had a peek in the BIOS can't see any obvious 'wait 30 seconds' command...
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    I don't think there's any adverse effect but I'll check here anyway. My daughters PC (also PC Spec) has 16 GB of Corsair RGB Vengeance DDR 4 3200 RAM, we ddi try upgrading with 2 more 8 GB sticks of the same RAM from Amazon but it seems it wasn't compatible. We're just going to replace the 2...
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    PCSPECIALIST Icue & Additional fans

    I have the Corsair H100i ELITE CAPELLIX RGB Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler which comes with 2 8 LED fans. And shows up in Icue as H100i ELITE CAPELLIX showing the pump and two fans. I'm thinking of adding 3x ll 120 fans in the front, and 1 x ll 120 as exhaust. these fans have a...
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    PCSPECIALIST Bit of a weird one, potential overheating CPU

    I admit I'm new to AMD CPU's but my stats show under regular background programs loaded I'm running at 59-61 degrees C, granted this doesn't really go up much unless under heavy load, but it seems a tad high? I have the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Eight Core CPU (3.8GHz-4.7GHz/36MB CACHE/AM4) chip...
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    PCSPECIALIST Query with sub order and invoice

    I've just had notification that my PC will be coming on Monday (yayy me) On this build I had time to reflect (because of the great GPU shortage) and on two separate occasions I've made changed to my build (both are increases) I've been billed and both changes appear in my account as 'sub...
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    PCSPECIALIST Unlimited Downloads from Online Account - how do you access this?

    Apologies if it is in a sticky or something, but in the past I've always just had the disc and reinstalled that way./ How do you access your download from online account? It can't just be be d/loading from MS as you'd need your oem (PC Specialist)activation key, I couldn't see anything clearly...
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    I have this PC ordered from PC Specialist just over a year ago, pertinent specs are here: ASUS® ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING (LGA1200, USB 3.2, CrossFireX/SLI) - ARGB Ready 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 3200MHz (2 x 8GB) I decided to upgrade to 32GB so I ordered from Corsair on Amazon two...
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    PCSPECIALIST How's this look for a 2k budget (to last 7 yrs PC) build

    How does this look for a new 7yr PC (my last one lasted 8) Currently 1080p monitor but likely to go 1440 in due course, plus I need a beefy CPU/GPU for video editing/rendering/Topaz AI etc. I'm very likely to use a USB C hard drive box like this: for...
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    PCSPECIALIST Query for PCS with USB card reader & other USB stuff

    I got my nice new pc delivered a few days ago. I have the: INTERNAL 52 IN 1 CARD READER (XD, MS, CF, SD, etc) + 1 x USB 2.0 PORT thing, and initially it all worked fine. Now, however only the USb 2.0 port works, none of the memory card slots are working. Initially this did work ok. The front...
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    PCSPECIALIST Why did the CM HAf- XM get delisted?

    I did a quote about a year ago and it was available as an option then, now there's only the HAF 912 for mid sized CollerMasters (without doors) Thing is the XM had USB 3.0 ports etc, whilst the 912 being older doesn't, wondering why the newer model was ditched, but the older one kept on.
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    PCSPECIALIST Thread: This spec ok for the 2k investment? feedback welcomed

    Usage: gaming, Second Life + content creation, Photoshop, Office, torrents, Internet, 3d modelling etc etc Yes it's a lot of money, yes it's high spec, but it needs to last me (I typically get a hot PC and it'll last me 5 yrs or so until its no longer able to run/keep up with what I put it...
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    PCSPECIALIST Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image to use?

    Intending to use a SSD for Windows & program files only on Windows 8 Backing up either to a separate regular hard drive or to a USB 3.0 external hard drive. Which would you recommend and why.
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    PCSPECIALIST for PCs (apologies if it appears already somewhere)

    Looking through the site, I haven't noticed anything relating to: What happens to a PC once it's been ordered, by that I mean, do you for example : Intensive Testing: Every PC has to pass a 24-hour burn test and a 100-point inspection to ensure all the components are working reliably. We also...
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    PCSPECIALIST PCS please read & advise

    Hi, I'm busy configuring away and I've noticed a couple of things I'd like to see addressed if at all possible. 1. Now windows 8 is out, maybe some info on that (currently you explain about windows 7 only) 2. Please offer the Corsair H100i instead of the h100 (it's miles better and more up to...
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    PCSPECIALIST Open to changes, need a high end spec that will last - gaming plus Heavy photoshop

    Open to amendments, budget is about there (1.5k max) I'm hard on PC's need to make sure it'll last a good few years, will offer excellent cooling and good performance. What would you change? Case COOLERMASTER HAF XM - GAMING ENTHUSIAST CASE + USB 3.0 Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core...