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  1. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST [NEW] Clevo P375 chassis for single/dual GTX 780M

    Aussie Clevo reseller "pioneercomputers" are selling the new chassis with next gen CPU & GPU. Expect UK release soon. Intel Core i7-4700MQ 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) 16:9 Crystal Bright Screen 8GB DDR3 GTX 780M Edit: Removed link.
  2. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST [REQUEST] Can PCS 3rd party sell Alienwares like XoticPC do?

    XoticPC in USA have 3rd party rights to sell Alienwares that have plethora of customizability compared to buying directly from Dell. If PCS can be the first company in the UK to make this possible it would be a...
  3. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST VortexIII (Clevo P170EM) GPU driver installation question

    When future drivers come out for AMD's 7970m do we download and install it from the official AMD website or do we go to Clevo's website for it? AMD's drivers page: Clevo's drivers page:
  4. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST AMD releases driver 12.6 but...

    Yeah there was a but and that but is, it still does not support 7970m :( So the official driver for 7970m is 12.7 and will be released as the name suggests in July 2012. Fingers crossed it'll make...
  5. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST Pre-order 7970m with 17.3" Vortex III and receive £650 discount!!!

    If you go to the configuration page of the 17.3" Vortex III Click me now! you'll see that the price for the base model is £946 inc VAT. However when you change the Graphics Card to "AMD Radeon HD7970M you will receive £650 instant discount and you can start building your laptop from £296 :punk:
  6. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST Nvidia's 680M reviewed.

    Before I start my post I would like to ask the following. On they say 680M is DX11.1 & 7970M is DX11. What is the difference? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M - Tech I really hope AMD make a sprint on the drivers to make the 7970m more reliable.
  7. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST Corsair 800D Dimension: 24" (H) x 24" (L) x 9" (W) - (609mm X 609mm X 229 mm)
  8. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST PCS Plz Post Comaprison Pics of VortexIII 17.3" Glossy vs Matte Screen.

    As the title suggests. I'm sure with all the orders there are gloss and matte screen VortexIII's being built. Please select 1920x10080 or 2560x1440 (16:9) vivid coloured pics to compare like fruits or landscapes or sports cars. Below are samples I chose which you can use. Thx alot.
  9. ObserverJLin

    PCSPECIALIST Vortex III (Clevo P170EM) with 7970M

    Vortex III (Clevo P170EM) with 7970M. GET YOUR BENCHMARKS HERE! As long as it's a MXM chipset can I change/upgrade the GPU in the future it I opt for a 7970m in the Clevo P170EM (Vortex III 17.3")? If the answer is yes, would it need to be an AMD card or both Nvidia & AMD will work? p.s I hear...