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  1. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Suggestions to PCS

    Might have to do the same as one of them is starting to peel off already 😢
  2. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Suggestions to PCS

    Hi don't know where or how to suggest an idea to improve a build to PCS . I've just bought a laptop and it's fantastic 😃 The only issue I have as it's for gaming are that all the stickers are on the left hand side under your keyboard hand and would make more sense to put them on the right hand...
  3. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Does anybody know what watts PCS apply to the CPU's and GPU's in their laptops as I've noticed this can vary between one manufacturer to another and can greatly affect the performance. I can't find any information on this on the specification of my build apart from it being a high performance...
  4. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST 3080 Ready Build

    Dont forget the Arctic thermal past for £9
  5. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Ok I've opted for this and placed my order :) Hopefully won't take too long due to covid. Chassis & Display Defiance Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD 144Hz 72% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Eight Core Processor 10875H (2.3GHz, 5.1GHz Turbo) Memory (RAM) 16GB...
  6. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Thanks I didn't know that but my grandson really wants my rig lol I will drop the bullguard and if you were offered the choice between the two laptops which would you take?
  7. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Thanks I'm still using windows 7 on my old rig I got from here 10 years ago lol It's still going strong with a few upgrades eg GTX 970 and a 1 TB HD but it's an eye sore and a new dining room table with a decent laptop you can put away when finished playing spacehulk deathwing and supreme...
  8. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Thanks for advice What about this set up. Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD 144Hz 72% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™ i7 Six Core Processor 10750H (2.6GHz, 5GHz Turbo) Memory (RAM) 32GB Corsair 2666MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 16GB) Graphics Card...
  9. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Hi just about to pull the trigger on this laptop Any improvements would be welcome Thanks PCSpecialist PCSPECIALIST.CO.UK SPECIFICATION The specification below has been formatted so you can easily copy and paste this to our forums when discussing your specification. Once you've copied the...
  10. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Will the 4900 HS be included in the specification's list before October ? Looks very good in comparison tests.
  11. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Thanks Think there's a new AMD CPU about to be released soon so might be worth waiting a month or two.
  12. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Gaming Laptop

    Hi I would like to buy a gaming laptop due to pressure from the Boss to free up space in the dinning room. So its with great regret that I need to send my PC Specialist rig to the great scrap yard in the sky (attick) and replace it with something that takes up much less room. My price range is...
  13. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Stock updates for Upgades

    Would suggest a stock list for upgrades as there is no way to see what you have in stock and when items like graphics cards will become available. I'm after a 970 and it shows out of stock so do I wait or go elsewhere ?
  14. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop for middle range games

    Hi its been a while and thinking of getting a laptop for average games and watching films online ect Any advice would be helpful thanks. Chassis & Display Cosmos Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5 Dual Core Mobile Processor i5-4210M (2.60GHz)...
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    Look what's coming out soon :),3279.html
  16. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST AMD hit back at nvidia with new drivers and a 7970Ghz gpu

    AMD have brought out new driver's to make thier 7900 s more competitive against nvidias. They have also added a higher clocked 7970 to beat the 680 for fastest single gpu.,review-32468.html
  17. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST home page?

    Is there a link to the home page from the forums ? I have the forum bookmarked on my phone but not the homepage.
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    I was just browsing through the vidios of customers pc's and thought what a brilliant idea it would be for PCS to post a video of them building a new pc :) We could see their workshop and see some of the processes that our beloved PC's have to go through before we can get our mit's on them :)
  19. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Nice Case :)

    Can you get me one of these !!!
  20. Grinder

    PCSPECIALIST Hardware section

    Ok I have been reading on these forums for a month now and have read a lot of discusions on which graphics card is faster than the other and which cpu is better ect viewers then troll the net looking for answers. I think pcs could easily run some tests and benchmarks on different systems and...