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  1. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST PC for newly converted console gamers.

    My brother and friend are looking to switch to PC and I really wanna recommend PCS rather than them getting a prebuilt. Requirements: They are console gamers to their eyes have not been spoiled with 60fps so I think there's no point in them getting an ultra high spec machine for high FPS as...
  2. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Containerising Windows

    Such a huge pain to backup all my files in prep of a clean wipe, since I've also used my non primary drives to install the software I'm also going to wipe all my other drives to. I'd like to take some precautions with my new windows install to stop some of the mistakes I've done with this one...
  3. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Copying from an Evo 850 to a 4tb Server grade hard drive

    I'm backing up all my files in prep for a clean wipe and windows install. I have this 4TB hard drive that I "acquired" *cough* from a rack that I decommissioned at my old job. I've had it sitting in a portable hard drive container. I'm pretty shocked at this. the Server hard drive even though...
  4. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST How to access the recovery boot partition?

    Some issues that I can't resolve being that windows store can't install minecraft and for some reason many windows services are being disabled a few seconds after bootup. Can't be assed with it anymore =D
  5. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Terminal server gaming

    I'm pulling upon all the shared knowledge of all the people on the board. I only have a concept but I don't have the fully rounded knowledge to actually implement such an idea. We've finally saved up enough for a mortage deposit and moving into a new home within the next few months and I really...
  6. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Impending Re-pasting on Octane VI

    Just looking for any advice or feedback. I've ordered some thermal grizzly Kryonaut. I've mulled over delidding the cpu but I'm going to wait till the 10 series comes out and the price drops before I void my warranty and risk having to buy a whole new chip. Would performing the above...
  7. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Octane Vi, 1 year later - it runs... cooler???

    Compared to when i first got this machine the blower was practically on all the time and idle it the 9900k was hitting close to 80c when idle. Over time it sort of calmed down, and its as silent as a ninja unless I'm doing anything that is taking up a lot of processing power. It idles on about...
  8. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Next Gen Gaming Laptops Predictions?

    With RTX 3000 series around the corner and no Supers on laptops yet, does anyone have any predictions when laptops will catch up? Will I likely need a new chassis for the newer cards when they do come out?
  9. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Canned Air dusting

    So I know I haven't had my laptop for too long but in my home, I have three free-range cockatiels which is the equivalent to having three pidgeots living in my home with the same freedom you'd afford a cat. It's a pretty good analogy but instead of having a kitty litter tray on the ground you...
  10. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Intel 10 series thread

    It's hard to find any good sources when i mostly get my info from videos and google really ain't what it used to be, would anyone care to share some of their own reputable sources. From what I can see there is a 10/20 chip coming on the LGA1151 socket with a 95TDP and the rest are all on a new...
  11. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Short Story - A call to execution

    The pigment screen reflected light into the visual receivers of Reedar’s eyes. The eyes emitted a dim light which was absorbed by the pigment screen and what information that was contained in the reflection was processed by his operating system. The memes on the screen danced and refreshed at 80...
  12. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Google whistleblower project veritas -- Google results test

    I got exactly what they said in the video. So apparently someone from google is whistleblowing that google has a pre-set list of search autocompletes actually pulls the autocomplete result from this pre-curated list. There's been lots of evidence of engineering from the site but now that it's...
  13. debiruman665


    Will we expect to see these cards inside laptops?
  14. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST When you are given all the tools to succeed in life but you are too dumb to use them

    Seen someone wanting to sell their custom made pc on facebook Case: Cooler Master MasterCase MC500M Processor: Intel i9-9900K Motherboard: ROG Maximus XI Code Ram: 32GB G SKILL - DDR4 Graphics: RTX 2080Ti 11GB Low temps are good but this is a ridiculous waste of performance
  15. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Storage Memory Considerations

    My current setup m.2 : 128GB cheapest m.2 memory to hold the OS m2. : empty SATA1: 500GB Seagate SSHD that I repurposed from my old Optimus IV SATA2: 500GB EVO SSD Installing newer games I found myself quickly running out of space on the EVO SSD. I installed older games and general programs...
  16. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Octane VI / Clevo p775tm1-g | i9 9900k | Processor review for gaming and everyday use

    I have some of this information already in the "Show off" thread but since I'd like to talk more specifically on the topic of optimising the 9900k for different tasks which are moving further away from the topic I started and I don't want to be raising my old review everytime I want to update...
  17. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Octane VI | i9 9900k | RTX 2080 | DDR4 3000MHz (He aint heavy, He's my clevo)

    Ok, I'd like to write some informative feedback on this but all I can say is damn... it's heavy. Carrying the package back to work from the DPD pickup, I started to get tired arms. Sitting at a desk with arms outreached you will struggle to lift it off the table, you may pull something in your...
  18. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST What are you working on?

    There's probably a high likelihood that a lot of us here work in the tech field or are hobbyists. My work is fairly standard DevOps/Frontend developer and nothing exciting happening here. In my spare time, I've been creating a subset language from PHP that creates a content generation engine...
  19. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Octane VI 17.3" CPU and GFX profile tweaking

    While I've been waiting I've probably exhausted every video/review/article about having a laptop with an i9-9900k and an rtx 2080. I chose the 1080p screen as I didnt really think there is any visible difference with such a small screen but leave myself open to having it run on an external...
  20. debiruman665

    PCSPECIALIST Message for Mods

    Are there a bunch of posts of mine waiting for review or is the quick reply not always working? I've posted replies in the "Would you use a gaming centre" and also a recent thread about using an existing windows installation in a new pc. My posts didn't turn up. I'm just trying to confirm if...