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  1. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST No display after updating motherboard BIOS

    Hi, I called Tech support and have something to try tonight... but thought Id check with the forum if anyone has experienced this and could hopefully help too. So I was having an issue with Windows 10 wanting to always update itself. It constantly failed to put in the Fall update (which I...
  2. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST 4k Vs 1440P

    Which new monitor should we buy to go with our PC's containing a GTX980Ti ? These are coming out soon: Acer XB271HK - 4k running at 75Hz with G-Sync (yes 75Hz) ( or Asus PG279Q - 1440P at 165Hz...
  3. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST What is black and white, and eats like a horse?

    a Zebra :/
  4. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST 4K / New Monitor Advice please

    So, having bought a new PC very recently, I am thinking about getting a new monitor. I am currently using a 27 inch BenQ 144Hz gaming monitor (TN Panel) Happy at 27 inch for size, but thinking I want to move to the better (IPS type) panel and higher resolution than my current 1920x1080 one ...
  5. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST New PC arrived - here are my first impressions / review after 1 day

    So, after only 1 week, my new PC arrived costing just over a respectable £2400 – I thought I would do a little early review and post some pictures. Spec Intel® Core™i7 Six Core Processor i7-5930K (3.5GHz) COOLERMASTER HAF-X FULL TOWER GAMING CASE Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P motherboard 16GB...
  6. Warbloke

    PCSPECIALIST potentially my new pc - what do you think?

    I am looking to buy a new PC as mine has died after almost 6 years. I have chosen the below spec. Any changes or advice would be appreciated :) I'm not looking to oveclock but like the option encase I change my mind in the future. I plan to explore VR gaming next year and need something that...