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  1. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Got brand new fans. Lian Li Unifan AL120

    So i just upgraded my fans to this beautiful new fans. This fans not only look absolutely incredibly, but they daisy chain together so there is only two cables to manage for set of 4 fans (one for led one for fan). The RGB is stunning and the performance is mind-blowing. Compared to the...
  2. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Please beware, New World MMO beta can cause permanent damage to GPU

    There has been several reports that the New World beta is causing permanent damage to 3090 EVGA GPUs by possibly blowing out caps. This issue might be affecting also other 30k series gpu. JayzTwoCents made video on it Beware! This game could brick your GPU! WARNING! Direct link in case above...
  3. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Missing Microsoft Store

    So i got the new pc and i found out i am missing microsoft windows store? How do i get it back? I am trying to google for solution but nothing seems to work.
  4. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Why RAM density is important

    Linus made a video showcasing why ram density is important. The video shows up to 20% fps difference on both AMD and Intel systems. And from other videos we know that especially on AMD ram ranks can have up to 10% fps difference. Manufacturer really should start listing the amount of ranks and...
  5. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST A massive tornado storm currently happening in central europe

    Well this just happened in last hour near slovak and czech borders. It is insane to see huge tornado in europe o.O where is the world going to
  6. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST My new PC with Pictures :)

    I am finally going into building phase.
  7. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST When you install OS to NVMe

  8. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST The urge to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight is always just a whim away..

    Aweem away Aweem away
  9. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST WOhoo managed to buy PS5 finaly

    Finally after half a year of checking 10 different shops in Denmark 5-10 times a day, i managed to snatch ps5 right now as one of the shops got stock. The hype is real :D PS5 coming home, PC hopefully soon coming home too
  10. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST What danish sounds like :D

    So i have been learning danish for last half a year, as i moved to denmark over a year ago. Found this meme and it just made me almost choke on water lol xD PS. no offense danes, i love ya :D
  11. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Asus TUF and Strix 3080TI now available

    Asus TUF and Strix 3080TI available right now in stock. First comes first served based on chat with support. I have managed to snatch one for me, downgrade from 3090Strix Chop Chop while the stock lasts, good luck yall!!!
  12. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Remember to deep clean your pc regularly

    Disclaimer: it is a joke xD dont ever do this :D
  13. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST World of Warships and Tanks bonus codes for new player

    Hi, i have got a bonus code for someone who wanna try this games. Let me know if you are interested to try the games. I have no use for the codes myself World of Tanks code gives 10euro voucher for new players. World of Warships gives for new players: Premium German Ship 7 day premium 2 000...
  14. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST MSI GPUs option is available now.

    Looks like PC specialist is selling now MSI as an option I am sticking with my 3090 strix tho, should provide highest performance especially since i want to overclock too right? (also customer support told me last week that i most likely go to build this week)
  15. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Remade GF gaming Corner

    I just spent good 4 hours remaking my girlfriends gaming corner. This is the end result, with new shelves, new light system, new zelda lamp. , and proper cable management (it was literal spider web before). There is also a small USB hub installed around sitting position, so she can plug 3 more...
  16. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Number of ranks on Corsair ram?

    Can anyone tell me how many ranks are on this memory? 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 3600MHz (2 x 16GB) Is it one rank or two rank memory? (and no i dont mean dual channel, i mean ranks, watch this) Turns out that Zen3 cpus can have up to 10% or so increase in performance if using 4 ranks...
  17. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Mass Effect Legendary Edition Class Choice

    well considering the game is releasing in 2 hours, what class are you planning to play through all 3 games? I am thinking between Vanguard or Sentinel, which one is better / more fun?
  18. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Estimated weight for Lian Li O11D XL pc?

    Hi, does anyone know how heavy the PC fully watercooled would be? I need an estimation as i want to buy a PC stand for it and it supports 25kg weight
  19. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST Asus Strix 3090 went from greyed out to preorder..

    could it be that there is now stock incoming? The hype is real my build gonna enter build soon (hopefully) :D :D So far 17 days of pre production :D
  20. loso64

    PCSPECIALIST PC stand to lift pc of the ground?

    Hi, can you guys help me find a PC stand / Monitor Stand / PC table to keep the new coming PC of the ground. The case is Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL with following measurements I have only 67CM allowance from the floor to the table and this should include a space for exhausting the air. So the...