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    PCSPECIALIST beginner to liquid cooling

    That is an all in one liquid cooler and is a completely sealed unit. The only maintenance would be to take the fans off and clean the radiator with compressed air periodically.
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    PCSPECIALIST Strange display cable

    It looks like an old Mini VGA that was on the old Mac iBooks. Doing a quick search I have found mini via cables but they are all male connectors as the Mac had a female port. I could not see one that has a female plug such as yours.
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    PCSPECIALIST Possible liquid cooler upgrade or not needed?

    I got a triple pack of LL fans for my build I am currently working on. They came with a lightning node to allow all to connect up via internal USB so they can be controlled within the iCue software
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    PCSPECIALIST Possible liquid cooler upgrade or not needed?

    The Pro still has RGB (albeit solid colour only) and you can swap out the fans for RGB ones if you really want. Surely that would be cheaper since the performance would be almost identical. With RGB fans, they would have an extra table each for the lighting. The Corsair ones normally come with...
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    PCSPECIALIST The-DPD-Thread-Post-All-Comments-Here!

    Do you have the DPD app? I often find that my deliveries (and a few pick ups) appear on there long before I get a notification be by email/text.
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    PCSPECIALIST Check my build! 1440p 144hz gaming.

    If going for an M.2 drive, I would really go for a WD black or Samsung one as they are significantly better. You will not notice much improvement with the one you selected. For the VR, Your MB has 6 USB 3.0 connectors on the back already, do you need more than that and the ones at the front of...
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC issue with red lights, beeping and power problem

    Boards with 2 x 8-pin connectors usually only require both plugged in if you have a heavy overclock as it spreads the load better on the z390 chipset. It should be fine for it to be plugged into either based on my current build experience with a MSI MEG board.
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    PCSPECIALIST PC for scientific computing, machine learning

    With regards to the GPU, you can fit something like an EVGA one with a built in AIO or, depending on what PCS are currently stocking fit an AIO onto the GPU yourself, there are a few aftermarket kits out there.
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    If it is still in pre-production, it can be easily cancelled/modified. As mentioned above, it is much more cost effective and almost as good thermally to go for an AIO cooler for the CPU. You can purchase your GPU separately (as I did) and select one with an AIO for cooler temps. With the water...
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    PCSPECIALIST Making payment with 2-3 cards?

    You would have to contact PCS directly about this. They do not monitor the forums all of the time and may miss this question.
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    PCSPECIALIST New PCS PC : Windows Error 41

    Wow, Fractal cases are really solid (I am currently building inside my 3rd. That must have taken a good knock to crack it like that. It is a real shame you have had such a bad experience. I highly doubt PCS would send it back in that state. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly so you can properly...
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    PCSPECIALIST New Toy needs Software

    Just make sure it is one of the newer style Xbox one controllers that came out with the one s. The older style do not have bluetooth.
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    PCSPECIALIST Keyboard Recommendations Please

    The time has come to get an actual gaming keyboard. I do love my Logitech DiNovo Edge but I really miss the numerical keypad and it can be a bit sluggish when gaming. I enjoy couch gaming so have looked at the Roccat and Corsair offerings, the latter is more appealing as Roccat is 10 key-less. I...
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    PCSPECIALIST Installing extra case fans

    Like this
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    PCSPECIALIST AIO for lightroom 6

    Hello I am trying to spec up an AIO for a friend. They want it just for lightroom 6 and have very limited space. I was trying to keep it under £700 and that will include getting a refurbished Mycloud drive for their main storage. Chassis & Display Fusion Series: 23.6" Non-Touch Full HD Screen...
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    PCSPECIALIST Desktop just arrived, does this look alright?

    That looks wrong to me. One of the sets of fins looks bent out of place, they both should be in contact with the fan. Get on to PCS straight away, unfortunately it will probably have to be returned. Edit - It should look like this
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    PCSPECIALIST Will the CPU be a significant bottleneck?

    My old PCS PC has a AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T processor. Will it cause a major bottleneck to a pair of 980ti's? Will putting them in there help run games such as Starwars Battlefront and Rise of the Tomb Raider? Just contemplating my options. I quite fancy a 1080 or I'll maybe wait for the...
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    If you are like me and like to burn money as an early adopter and have pre ordered the HTC Vive, here is some information that I have had confirmed from them. I wanted to have everything ready for when it arrives and I am a stickler for cable management. The Lighthouse trackers do come with...
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    PCSPECIALIST Am I missing something?

    Hello When running some checks, I noticed that my overclock was not present. PCS had said it was overclocked to 4.5Ghz but in CPU-Z it was only at 4.0Ghz. I have not overclocked myself for a while so did some reading and started about it. I used ROG Realbench to do benchmarking and HW Monitor...
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    Mine are close together and fine, it's that staggered HDD cage I'd be worried about with the length