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  1. Matt00011

    PCSPECIALIST What is causing this weird screen breakup?

    Hiya guys long time no speak. PC has been running great for near on 2 years now, it's been excellent on the whole, however as of late I've started to get random pixel breakup on my screen shortly after it boots into Windows, other times completely randomly. I will attach a picture. It usually...
  2. Matt00011

    PCSPECIALIST iHAS 124 B DVD r problem

    Everything has been working flawlessly up until this point. The disk drive can read DVD's and CD's fine, I have also managed to burn a CD no problems at all and it plays perfectly. I am however having problems burning a DVD, whether it be data or a video DVD. The drive simply doesn't...
  3. Matt00011


    Hiya. Just a quick question really. I have standard stock cooling and an AMD Phenom II X4 955, I have downloaded HW Monitor to check the temperatures of my processor. Idle: 35 - 40c While Gaming: 52 - 55c (fan full pelt) My graphics card ATI 6850: 77c on load. Are these temperatures ok...
  4. Matt00011

    PCSPECIALIST Matt00011's new AMD rig

    I would just like to thank PC Specialist for their excellent service. I was kept informed throughout my order of the state of play when the order was dispatched it was a nice touch to be informed via text message. :) It has been such a worthwhile experience, I will definately recommend you...
  5. Matt00011

    PCSPECIALIST Help needed - graphics card

    Hiya all. Finally got my new PC and have set it all up. Unfortunately system prep failed so I had to reinstall Windows 7 again, I have reinstalled all of the drivers off the motherboard CD, however I'm having trouble getting my graphics card to be recognised hence my 22" inch monitor has a...
  6. Matt00011

    PCSPECIALIST Ordering this budget gaming rig soon

    After researching for a few weeks and a budget of £680, I have gone with the following specs to order early next week. :) Case COOLERMASTER ELITE 310 BLUE CASE Processor (CPU) AMD PHENOM II X4 955 (3.20GHz/8MB CACHE/AM3) - BLACK EDITION Motherboard ASUS® M4A78LT-M: mATX MAINBOARD, DDR3, USB...