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  1. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Just bought Airport Express Base...

    So about a month ago I moved into my student accommodation at University to find that there was no wi-fi and simply just one ethernet port in the wall at the desk. Since I have a MacBook Pro this wasn't much of a problem for all of my other devices as I was able to plug the ethernet into my Mac...
  2. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Apple September Announcement 10th live blog

    For anyone interested you can catch a live blog from techcrunch here or fron Engadget here I'm viewing both, Engadgets is a lot quicker and shorter whereas TC's is slower but covering more precisely. There isn't a live-stream unfortunately.
  3. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Neverwinter

    Anyone playing this? It's now in open beta. I played this in a closed beta last month and jumped on it for a quick blast last night. It's good fun and isn't following the traditional combat system. It uses a kind of hybrid between TERA and Guild Wars 2. If your...
  4. Kalisnoir


    ** Only PCS Staff can answer this ** (Unless you've had this done with your own purchase.) So I'm finally going to Uni in September (a few years late) and wanting a laptop as I don't really want to take my gaming desktop 180 miles every time I go up down as I will be getting rid of my car and...
  5. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Steam game giveaway! Homefront & Saints Row: The Third

    Ok so i've got a CD Key for Homefront and one for Saints Row: The Third, both legit, got them in bundles and already have them so two lucky winners! The first to message me a love letter and specify which game gets it :wub: PLAY BALL!
  6. Kalisnoir


    I've got 2 gifts for this on Steam, not sure what the crack is because I thought it was going to be F2P but I'm not fully sure, regardless I have 2 passes if anyone wants them to play while its in beta.
  7. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    So I used to play this loads back when I had a 360 when the game first came out, and when I got a PS3 I couldn't resist to play it some more. I've wanted to buy it for PC for a good while now and noticed it was on sale (from the PC Deals thread "hallelujah praise the lord for your dirty deals")...
  8. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Coolit Eco ALC (Watercooling) leaked - HELP!

    So I have a Coolit ECO A.L.C Water cooling unit, yes, I know it's absolute turd and today I decided instead of buying my new WC loop I'll get a new SSD first, jump forward 10 hours, jumped on PlanetSide 2 technical test, next thing *bang* my screen goes blue, instantly there's a horrid smell...
  9. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Any professional 3D Modelers?

    As the title says, just wondering if there's anyone here who actually does 3D modeling for a living? It's what i'm currently studying and would love to work in either the games or the film industry myself. So if you do it for a living, who for, how long and what fields of 3D you've worked in...
  10. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Gadget Show Live

    So I saw the twitter post saying PCS have some gaming rigs up at the CoolerMaster stand, just wondering who else is going and which members of PCS Staff will be there. I'll be there tomorrow (11th) :tt2:
  11. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

    Looks the ****. And in brighter news, hopefully I'll be purchasing the likes of Battlefield 3 for le PC within the week. I don't really play it on my PS3 anymore (Or my PS3 in general tbh) but have...
  12. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Latest Ghost Recon Online BETA

    I can't remember if I posted a thread about the last BETA they had, but the new one opened up yesterday (and continues through to Saturday) and I was wondering if anyone else is involved? It has new maps, improved UI blah blah blah so should be more fun then the last one. Just hoping I don't...
  13. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Ghost Recon Online

    Anyone else in the BETA? Just went on today and its running like ****, can't play on High or Medium, didnt bother trying on low :/ People are playing the game though so it can't be for everyone :s
  14. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Important(to me) Questionnaire

    Before I mention anything, I do have a deadline that this needs to be completed by, so please have this done BEFORE 11th of December! (DO IT NOW!) So basically I need you all to goto this address and complete the survey for me. You would be doing me a HUGE favor if...
  15. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Dungeon Defenders

    Check it out here... Buy it here .... Nothing else to say apart from BUY IT NOW! It's a wicked game, looks pretty slick, and is generally a really fun game to play, although every level after the first seem to be pretty...
  16. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Rift (What servers)

    So I know theres been a few Rift threads now (I also started one) however I didn't buy the game after BETA even though I enjoyed it. That time has finally come where I delved deep deep deep into the depth of my empty bank account to purchase the game, and since i'll be starting a fresh...
  17. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Steam - Gift Swap (Left 4 Dead 2)

    Oi oi! So I bought one of my friends Left 4 Dead 2 a while ago, I checked my gifts today after buying Monday Night Madness and it telling me I can give a trial code out and I noticed it says he hasn't redeemed it still, so I was wondering if anyone wants to exchange gifts? I'm not bothered...
  18. Kalisnoir


    Anyone got this? Looked really interesting so I obtained a free copy to test it out, and it seems pretty good, it's similair to minecraft, only the crafting is a little easier, but the construction element ISN'T as good. However it makes up for this via the combat (lots of mobs and bosses) and...
  19. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Supreme Commander 2

    So a while ago there was a thread for SupComm 1 / FA about playing together. But what about SupComm 2? Although I'd rather co-op against some AI since I lack multiplayer experience i'm still up for some team battles! With or without the DLC (obviously depends on others) Anyone interested?
  20. Kalisnoir

    PCSPECIALIST Hannspree ST281 (28")

    So I was wondering if anyone else has got one of these? I've had it since I got my PC back in Septmeber, and ever since, it's as if the sleep timer doesn't work (as it should.) Even though I have the timer set to "Off", It still persists on going to sleep every 120 minutes. Anyone else had...