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    PCSPECIALIST Max + safe Temp

    Whats the max temp for the AMD phenom II X6 2.8ghz (1055T) :mad::walkman::D:winkiss::santa::walkman:
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    HEY all! I am in need of desperate help. I need to know fully , how to remove the stock amd fan /cooler that is on my AMD PHEHNOM X6 105TT I am replacing it with a gellid tranquillo (v2). I need to get this right! p.s. anyone got a video or somehting showing step by step? Thanks alot!:tt1:
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    PCSPECIALIST Cpu fan fit

    HI all! I am going to buy this: to replace the hell of a noisy amd *** fan Will this fit in my case and i will have no problems with installing/fitting/using...
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    PCSPECIALIST Tidy PC interior

    Hi all Recently i bought a new gpu: EVGA 560ti FSB When fitting it in my case, i realised how untidy and hard it is to work around in my pc case.. Had to unplug some cables from my cd /dvd rom drives!! and this case is meant to fit high end gpus//!! Il post some pics for you to see what im...
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    will my PC handle any ati/amd 6950 card? can someone calculate it for me. specs in sig i also have 2 very old cd rom and dvd drives in my pc but they shudnt take much power up :smartass:
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU fan noise

    The amd cpu fans (standard) are quite noisy for me. Had a nice long chat on livechat with Paul Harrison. he said would be a good silent cpu cooler.! I would...
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    Hello, I have the 640GB WD CAVIAR GREEN WD6400AARS, SATA 3 Gb/s, 64MB CACHE which i belive you dont sell the 640GB version anymore (by looking at the builder i dont see it :sleep1:). I thought it would be a fairly fast hard drive. My question is: what is the speed of this exact hard drive...
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    PCSPECIALIST IIyama on wall

    Hello, I have got the IIyama ProLite E2472HD (its 24inch...:smartass:) I bought it from kind pcspecialst :tooth: I would like to put it on the wall. Were can i buy the brackets (or w/e) from? I would prefer the offical ones that wud be the best for this monitor:winkiss:
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    PCSPECIALIST temp when folding

    Hi, thought i might keep thread out of tech desktop problems, as its no realy biggy. so well latley ive been trying out "folding@home" now, im running SMP client and PC Probe (from ASUS) says my CPU temp is @ 56 [C] (motherboad being @ 22 [C] ) however at the same time, CPUID Hadware...
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU Fan connector to mobo

    Hi, i am in the near process of recieveing a Sycthe Kaze Master (4 channel fan controller) Last night i opened up my case and just to see for when the fan controller came, i unplugged all the Inwin Fanquas case fans which were connected to some ports on the motherboard and 1 connected via molex...
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    PCSPECIALIST Control Fans

    Hello PCS forums Most of the time i am using my pc for general use mostly every day such as word processing, msn chat, and a few tabs open in firefox. ...the fan noises are just too anooying.. i can not stand it while im working. Can someone help me, i would like to control the chassis fan...
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    HEY , mr pringleguy needs help... Well I want to buy a ethernet cable so i use a "wired" connection from my router to my PC ... so i can well bascially get the pure connection rather than stupid wireless.. My router is few rooms away from PC. So a 20M cable (which will be wired and drilled...
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    Just ordered pc dvd rom CallofDuty: Blackops from amazon @ 29 GBP 1. Does anyone reading this, have this game? 2. It will go through steam.. right? 3. internet connection...
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    PCSPECIALIST Steam Sale << Rockstar << Valve (sorry never used steam, will hopefully buy a game soon from there)
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    PCSPECIALIST community

    the best pc gaming community ... ?
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    Just bought and collected my : Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers (it bascially has 2 front and 2 rear speakers, center speaker , base thingy ...use google images to see better). I got theese for a good bargain. My pc has the standard...
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    PCSPECIALIST Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers

    logitech X-530 5.1 anyone can say theese r good? i reserved them for a pickup for tomorrow @ comet for 35.00 quid (40quid if u go in store and pick from self) ..... other places are around 60quid and 70quid+ @ logitech shop...
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    PCSPECIALIST Monitor. -_-

    got an ATI RADEON 5750 1GB HD, so i am buying a HD tv/screen for my pc. Shall i get the: IIYAMA E2271HDS 22" LED WIDESCREEN <<< 139£ or IIYAMA E2472HD 24" LED WIDESCREEN<<< 179£ or something else?
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    PCSPECIALIST ps3 and pc

    i have a 80gb ps3 (fat) and very rrecently i just got a new pc from here: amd phenom x6 105TT (2.8ghz/9mb cache/am3) , 4gb ram - (1333hmz), 1gb hd ati radeon 5750 , 600w power supply and a 59quid case- T900 malestorm...
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    PCSPECIALIST Sound help!

    my pc came today :) thank you pcs for putting 30 day trial of win7 home prem :D Got a problem. Sound not working. Drivers For Order Number 358862 Case PCS MAELSTROM T900 BLACK GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T...