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  1. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Manchester Derby

    Any footy fans here? I'm over the moon with Man utd grabbing a late winner at City. It was a fantastic game and City were unfortunate to lose. This is why the Premier league is the best league in the world.
  2. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Fifa 13 review
  3. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Malaysian Mother Beating Her 8-Month Old Helpless Baby

    This is all over the internet and is just sick. I just watched it and i found it appalling. How can a mother beat her child like this? :( EDIT: I dont want to post the vid as it may go against the rules but pm if you cant find it.
  4. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus

    Just a few quick photos of my haf 912 plus case :). I apoligise for the poor quality :(
  5. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST A good Website creator?

    Hi, does anyone know a good and free website builder? Thanks
  6. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST computer wont switch on?

    hi, I tried switching my pc on today but it wouldn't come on. The motherboard power led is green when i switch the psu on but nothing else does. I used a different power cord and unplugged all cables but still nothing.
  7. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST backup?

    I was wondering if anyone uses windows 7 back up or any other software to back up. I only want to back up the os, programs, game saves and documents as my hard drive is at 200gb and that's a lot of stuff to back up.
  8. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Anyone else see green flashes in BF3 multiplayer?

    Every once in a while a green flash appears for one second and vanishes. It mainly happens in very bright situations. Its happening to a number of people online an was wondering if anyone encountered this?
  9. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Post ya Origin usernames for BF3

    Mines zMADMAN-247 on origin. The only game i play on origin is BF3 :D Also my steam is madman__247
  10. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Reviews on Amazon that BF3 is poor?

    Theres a lot of people complaining about BF3 for some reason. Are any of you having the same issues as well as I will be buying the game now?
  11. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST The reason why I love my ps3 :D

    The best game on ps3 imo. Defo getting it :)
  12. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST cpu at 90c according to speed fan ?

    I got the pc on Wednesday and the fans are quite noisy so I downloaded speedfan and its shows the cpu temp at 90c? I have the triple copper cooler.
  13. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Optimus has arrived. Review and Pics Included.

    Whats up. I received Optimus at 4pm today and I set her up. I had a few issues installing drivers etc but I got it to work. Firstly, the build quality is top notch by PCS. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of a new PC. Dont think twice about it, JUST DO IT :). The Packaging was...
  14. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Budget Uni Pc Ordered

    I've just ordered this pc as I was on a very tight budget. I properly wont have enough time to play games on it but hopefully this will be decent for a couple of years until i finish uni. Case COOLERMASTER HAF 912 PLUS MID TOWER GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5-2500 Quad Core...
  15. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Official AMD Bulldozer (FX-Zambezi) Benchmark Slides Leaked, Performance and Pricing
  16. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST New AMD Bulldozer release date rumored to be October 12 Intel i7-2700k Pricing Structure Revealed
  17. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Which spec would you choose?

    I don't know what spec to choose but Im leaning towards the 1090t because the motherboard can support x8/x8 crossfire whilst the p8p67 le only does x16/x4 crossfire. My budget is £750 and I will be buying it some time next week. Cheers for the help :) Case COOLERMASTER HAF 912 PLUS MID TOWER...
  18. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST ASUS® P8P67 LE crossfire

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried crossfire on the mobo and what performance loss is x16/x4 compared with x8/x8. Thanks
  19. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Whose gonna see the new harry potter movie?

    Just wondering who will see the new hp movie? :smartass:
  20. MadMan

    PCSPECIALIST Copa America

    Anyone watching copa america? I'm currently watching Argentina vs costa rica :)