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    PCSPECIALIST AMD gaming evolved app

    trying to install new GPU drivers & software after reinstalling windows. after downloading it, I found that it comes bundled with this crapware that you can't deselect as part of the installation process. anyone using an AMD card that knows how to deal with this? a preliminary search on...
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    PCSPECIALIST creating a web contact form in php.

    I am trying to create a fully functional php contact form for a website I am making. I don't have any problem making the form itself, but sorting the functioning side of it, the php script is proving more tricky. I don't have any php knowledge, so I am having to start at the bottom and work my...
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    PCSPECIALIST what is the average life expectancy of PC components?

    so far, I have had to return my PC (off the top of my head) 6 or 7 times in just over the last 12 months, one of these RMA's was to fix damage to the case that was done while away from me. in that time, I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th GPU, my 3rd PSU, my 2nd batch of RAM, my 2nd sound card, and at...
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    PCSPECIALIST Onboard sound problems

    sine by sound card started causing problems, I have had to switch to using the onboard output. this works better than the sound card, but it's by no means perfect. when playing games, some of the sound is missing. it's hard to explain the problem, but is seems to be sound that is coming off...
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    PCSPECIALIST bad luck or unidentifed problem?

    for the first 2 years of having my PC, it ran perfectly, without problem. since my first RMA though at the end of 2012, it's been a different thing altogether. I have had to RMA my system 6 times since november last year, 4 times since april. in that time, I have had 3 GPU replacements, 2 PSU...
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU over temperature error

    I've suddenly started getting this error message when turning on my pc. I haven't done anything to get it to start, and I'm not sure on where to begin trying to figure it out. any advice?
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    PCSPECIALIST ProcAlyzer Dumps

    I found a folder in my documents with this name, anyone know what is responsible for it being there? I have done a search on google, but it's not that helpful, several queries like mine, but offering no real help trying to find out what put it there. the only thing I have been able to find, is...
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    PCSPECIALIST what the hell is suddenly wrong with my PC?

    after having my computer for 2 years without any problems, my graphics card decided to die on me, resulting in me RMA'ing the entire system. then about a week into getting it back, I start experiencing other display issues. after that, my DVD drive no longer reads DVD's. add to all that, out...
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    PCSPECIALIST DVD drive no longer reads DVD's

    this is the second problem I have encountered since I got my computer back from RMA, and has only started happening in the last day or so. I can no longer get my DVD drive to read DVD's, or game disks. it can still read CD's and data disks, so it is still technically working at least, but it is...
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    PCSPECIALIST keep losing display

    I returned my PC to PCS a few weeks ago with a loss of signal, which was diagnosed as a dead GPU. just over a week ago, I got my computer back with a new HD7970 installed. for the first few days, everything seemed to be going well, but then I started experiencing display issues again. without...
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    PCSPECIALIST 7970 vs 5970

    been offered a 7970 in replacement of a dead 5970. I don't know anything about this card, what is thegeneral consensus? it's either that or £275 credit towards another card. I'm a bit limited on funds right now so if the 7970 is good, I will choose that. how does it handle gaming, especially...
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    PCSPECIALIST which processor cooler?

    I finally got round to getting an RMA on my pc, and it was collected this morning. while it is with PCS, I want to get the liquid cooler replaced by a mechanical one. what would you recommend?
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    PCSPECIALIST any virgin media super hub users on these forums?

    I got the call from VM last week about upgrading my old modem for one of these super hubs. I was also told they would be upgrading my speed to 30MBs as well. the engineer came round today to install it, and didn't see any initial speed increase. I put that down to the possibility of it being...
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    PCSPECIALIST seriously, what are my options here? advice from someone who actually works for PCS!!

    as stated in this thread, I have been experiencing problems with dropping frame rates in several of my games. I called PCS support and was pretty much told that there was nothing that they could do as it was clearly a driver related issue (their words not mine!). since then, I have tried...
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    PCSPECIALIST GIMP: pasting images from another file into new layer on current one.

    over the last few weeks I have been trying to learn how to use gimp, at first I was totally clueless, but I am slowly making progress. in the past I have used paint shop pro, and I mostly know that inside out, but since switching to gimp, I have had to relearn how to do certain things. I'm...
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    PCSPECIALIST how to change my card details?

    anyone know where I can change my debit card details in my account section on I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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    PCSPECIALIST automated method for backing up game saves?

    after experiencing problems with my graphics card, I'm going to take the last resort of reformatting and reinstalling windows to see if it fixes my issue before I contact PCS, is there any way of automatically backing up the save files for all games installed rather than do it manually, game by...
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    PCSPECIALIST anyone familiar with afterburner?

    I'd really appreciate some assistance with this to get to the bottom of my GPU performance issues, someone on guru3d advised me to download and use afterburner. I have never used it before so I don't know what to do. they just gave some vague instructions to enable OSD and to show clock speed...
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    PCSPECIALIST terrible frame rates since updating AMD drivers to 12.8

    I don't know what these drivers have done, but there are certain games that suffer from diabolical frame rates since I installed them. the games I have discovered the problem on so far are FSX & F1 2011. before updating, I could get good frame rates on both of them (usually a minimum of...
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    PCSPECIALIST what exactly is covered by the warranty options?

    the reason I am asking, is because my mouse has become faulty all of a sudden. the mouse itself works in terms of moving the cursor on the screen, but the scroll wheel is now defective. it can scroll down ok, but scrolling up goes from doing so either very slowly, or not at all. normally if I...