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  1. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Upgrading Ram - Mixing different size sticks?

    Hey guys. Slowly starting to upgrade things now (after 3 years haha) Basically, I wanna upgrade ram first, as I find the 4gb doesn't cut it at times. Presently I have 2x2gb sticks (Samsung dual ddr3 1333MHz), with the motherboard supporting dual channel memory. So, I tried to upgrade via the...
  2. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST New Minecraft Server - Join? pics inside

    Me and Jojo_x made a new server. Its hosted on my pc at the moment, but it will be going on multiplay servers at the end of the month, so it will always be up. For now, if anyone wants to join, I'll have it up fairly often. We've made a spawn point, some paths (and retractable bridges) so far...
  3. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Blue screens - SSD failing?

    Hey guys Looking for some advice here. I brought an OCZ Agility 3 SSD in May, (not from pcs though, but I thought I'd see if anyone here has any ideas) and I've been having problems with Blue screens recently. I've googled the errors I've been getting, done lots of suggestions to try and find...
  4. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST A very budget-ey mid range gaming laptop

    Hey. So, need a laptop that can play games like Skyrim on mid settings at a decent framerate (so about 30 on average would be good). Plus things like the sims 3 for the girlfriend, and mmo's like Aion or WoW etc. Fairly happy with most of the spec, the graphics card seems decent enough, so...
  5. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Is my graphics card dying? Or an odd little Steam Problem?

    Hey guys Encountered something quite weird just now. I was playing Skyrim, when it minimized to desktop, and I saw Steam was doing some kind of update. I just carried on playing till the game went very laggy. I quit, restarted the pc, steam finished doing something (I didn't pay much...
  6. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST One Pound Fish Song!

    Saw this posted elsewhere, and had to post it here. Give it a watch...
  7. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST horrible scraping sound from something in pc

    Hi guys. 2 days ago mh pc developed a ratling noise. I guessed it might be something in a fan come loose. Tonight, while watching a movie, i suddenly headd a much louder scrapi.g noise. I immidiatelh turned pc off, gonna open it and look in daylight. It doesnt seem to be the front fan of the...
  8. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Artemis Fowl: The last Guardian

    Finally, the last book of the series is out. Anyone read it yet, planning on reading it? Thought it was a pretty good way to end the series. Just read through it in one sitting, and now my eyes need rest. Blurry vision when reading text now :p
  9. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop power problem

    Hey guys. This is about a laptop not brought from this site, but I thought I'd ask for some advice here anyway as your all friendly, and might have some ideas. Basically, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T60, was on it while plugged in as normal. Then I heard a 'pop' sound, and the mains power...
  10. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Anyone playing Aion currently?

    So, Aions gone free to play, so I tried it out. Did a search on here and found some old threads mentioning it, so does anyone still play it now? Could use a few more friends on there lol.
  11. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop for my Dad (Business use etc)

    So, my Dad wants a Laptop, primarily so when he's out and about, (as a driving instructor), to make appointments, keep notes, and sync it all back to pc when done etc, so nothing particularly strenuous. I suggested a netbook, but he doesn't like the little 10" screens, so yeah. As its just...
  12. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Gantz (Live Action)

    So, I came across Gantz today, looked interesting so I thought I'd get it and watch it. I Liked it a lot lol :p. Anyone here heard of it/seen it? It's based on a manga, was made into an anime and two live action films. (Haven't watched the second yet.) There was a dubbed version of it... but...
  13. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Combat flight Simulators?

    Hey guys. I know there are lots of people who have gone for Pc's for flight sim, and I recently started playing Flight simulator X. (Got a cyborg X joystick yesterday). I wanted to try something with battles in it, so I found Battle of Britain 2, but I'm having loads of trouble mapping the...
  14. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Star Trek Online, Eve Online and Black Prophecy.

    Just started playing this - I got bored of World of Warcraft and wanted to try a space MMO, so I had 3 options really. Black Prophecy, Eve Online, or Star Trek Online. Black prophecy is pretty good for a free mmo, but its very limited at the moment: Theres not much exploration you can do, and...
  15. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Weird one - LED mouse and mat stay lit even after computer is shut down.

    Hey again. I recently reacquired my LED mouse again (just a normal laser mouse that is lit up and cycles through 7 colours) from my old pc, but I've noticed something weird with this one. I also have a mousemat that is LED lit as well, as well as a saitek eclipse keyboard. This is the mouse...
  16. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Connect a Cisco router to a pc

    Hi guys. Met a bit of a problem, so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any ideas for this. I'm getting a Cisco 2621 Router to practice configs via Command Line interface, but, I'm not sure how I'm gonna connect it. The router has a RJ45 console port, but my PC has no serial ports or...
  17. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Bios loads on second monitor instead of primary

    Hey guys. Just wondering if there is a way around this:When I boot up, the bios always displays on my second monitor and nothing appears on my primary till Windows actually starts. This is annoying, as I have Windows 7 and Server 2008 installed, and if I were to select nothing, it would load...
  18. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST New PC here - with pics

    So... all works so far... Specs Case PCS MAELSTROM T900 BLACK GAMING CASE (£42) Processor (CPU) AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T (2.80GHz/9MB CACHE/AM3/) Motherboard ASUS® M4A87TD/USB3: DUAL DDR3,SATA 6.0GB/s, USB 3.0 Memory (RAM) 4GB SAMSUNG DDR3 DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 2GB) Graphics Card 1GB NVIDIA...
  19. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST And another One

    So, I haven't ordered yet for one reason or another, and so in that time I was playing around with specs and decided to look at the AMD side of things. This is what I've come up with. Case PCS MAELSTROM T900 BLACK GAMING CASE (£59) Processor (CPU) AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T (2.80GHz/9MB...
  20. spikopsycho

    PCSPECIALIST Final advice before ordering

    Hey. As I'll be able to make an order in a few days, and I'd been playing around with the specs, I wanted to post my chosen build and see what everyone thinks to it. It will be used as an everyday computer, for uni work etc, so just office and maybe some basic image editing here and there, but...