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    Ubuntu stripped my second drive of a letter!

    I fiddled around trying to install ubuntu. Needless to say I wasn't success so removed it and after it mucked up my MBR (it did a semi-install) before I had to cancel. I had to use a recovery disk to repair my windows MBR.

    However, my second HDD which I had tried to install it on now had no paths or drive letter in windows. It's not being recongised at all. When I open up disk management it shows but I can't resize the partition I created. I can't assign a letter to the whole drive. I'm perplexed. The programs I have on there also don't work.

    Please can someone assist.

    Thank you,

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    have you tried to format it?

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    Sounds like you may have re-partitioned it during the install. You might have to partition back to NTFS and then format

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    Yes you do need to use fdisk to re-partition the entire drive and then re-format the drive to NTFS. Format on its own won't work as you have two partitions. The first thing the Ubuntu installer does is to create these two partitions: one uses the ext4 filesystem, and the other is Linux Swap. Windows can't recognise either, sdo it cannot assign a letter or path to the drive. If you wasnt to play with Ubuntu, the trick is to boot from the LiveCD and run it from the CD. This does nothing to your hard drive, but allows you to play around with Ubuntu without installing anything. Sorry it trashed your MBR. If you had let it complete, it would have installed the grub bootloader which would have let you choose between Windows and Ubuntu on every boot. I'm sorry you got off to a bad start. Those of us who use Ubuntu regularly actually dislike having to use Windows.



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