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    Question Enigma II Overheating Problem

    Hi! Nearly a year ago now I bought my Enigma II laptop. Its been farily good but as of late it as been overheating. Whenever I play a demanding game such as Skyrim the computer reaches a certain point in temperature and shuts down to prevent damage, however, it never used to do this, and has only been happening within the past couple of weeks or so. It is still under parts and pickup/delivery warrenty for a few more days, so I need to know what I should or could do about this fairly quickly.

    Thanks to everyone in advance, and let me know if you need anymore info.

    Im thinking it MAY be the GPU fan, as I have SpeedFan and I know it dosen't work with laptops but it detects the GPU's fan and shows it as not moving, not only that, but the GPU gets awfully hot when playing games. I also tried reformatting the hard drive, but no luck.

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    Best phone PCS as soon as possible.

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    Try blowing the fans and vents with a can of compressed air. I would also give PCS a call before your warantee runs out.
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