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    After recieving my PC on Saturday spent ages installing, updating etc. I have a 24xDVD Writer and a 12xBluRay Player so i tried watching a BluRay film and nothing, so i took the Samsung Driver CD with Cyberlink PowerDVD9 and other Cyberlink programs on it and tried installing it as didnt know if it was done prior to shipping. But on installing it would just sit there with a box saying that its installing but "hangs". Tried many times and seems somehow i have it installed.

    But when i place a DVD/BluRay/CD into any of the 2 Drives i dont get the AutoPlay kicking in. Went to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs ticked the box @ top "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" and set everything for ASK ME EVERYTIME yet still doesnt AutoPlay, even choosing certain programs to use..... even when i click on My Computer and look at the DVD/BluRay Drive, nothing is showing there as if not registering except a picture of a disc with a + sign and music symbol, double click it and it just starts Windows Player.

    On playing around i finally got to play a BluRay film to see if it works and it did, yet it seems i have to keep redoing settings each time just to make a CD to register (yes i have pressed "Save") :P

    Any help appreciated, and i hope this all makes sense lol


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    Try uninstalling the Cyberlink software then check if the two drives are working normally with cd's/dvd's,
    If working ok it would point to a bad cyberlink software disk,If not best phone tech support.



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