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    It does sound like a software issue not a hardware problem. I ordered my pc from PCS and I did experience a few issues but those were quickly resolved by me emailing technical assistance and calling them. I was as frustrated as you were but when discussing these issues in a calm matter over the phone it was all sort it. I would only suggest to use the appropriate routes to solve this issue (e.g. call them or send them an email) and in the meantime use the forum to get some help on installing the OS of your choice. Implying PCS has something to hide it is not really going to help solving the problems you have with your laptop, give it some time and call them to see what they can do for you.

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    Ok thanks pcs,a quick phonecall and it was because i hadent installed s bar (as i thought it was optinal,add on kinda thing).I havent used it and i wont be usuing it for abit but as soon as i can ill go on and check everythings fine (My dad says its working) so should be fine.
    Again thanks pcs espiccaly maestro and the guy on the phone :P



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