hey guys i've got 2 problems..

1.I'm trying to update my 7970m driver to the 12.6 beta through the AMD site (i'm still on the 8.9 one that came on the PCS disc) but for some reason the driver autodetect utility doesnt do anything. I download it, run it and the windows processing circle comes up near the mouse but then it disappears and nothing opens or anything. When I check windows processes in task manager it shows up but thats about it.

2. This may be completely normal but im not sure so I figured I should ask. I disabled some programs from running at startup (steam, dropbox etc) and since then every time I boot my computer up, the gpu fans kick in and runs on max for a minute or two once the windows logo comes up.. is this supposed to happen or is it just me being paranoid?

any help would be appreciated