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    Thumbs up Optimus VIII Laptop review

    After leaving a company that provided me with a laptop for over 11 years, it was time that I purchased a laptop of my own. I spent hours searching the internet for the best deals for a laptop that I could use for work reasons and also use to play computer games. After coming to the realisation that I care more for laptop internals\performance than a brand name, I stumbled upon PCSPECIALIST, after looking for companies that build laptops to spec.

    So far so good with the laptop. Being a new father, I haven't really had the hours to have any gaming sessions but so far the performance is good. Though not about the product i'm very pleased with the service i've received from PCSPECIALIST. The laptop came within the time frame, and any communication was professional and fast. I've also got the peace of mind of an extended warranty. I will definitely be recommending PCSPECIALIST to friends and other colleagues. I'll hopefully update the review once i've used it for a few months.
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