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    Lafite III 13" Laptop described in a few words

    Lafite III puchased: i7 8550u, 2X4GB Corsair 2133, 250GB Samsung 970 SSD +added by myself 2TB Seagate Barracuda
    Good: Very good speed (obviously in this configuration)
    very good temperatures (67 in full load)
    very good keyboard (for a 13" laptop)
    very good display quality (you can easily use it outside)
    easy to access/replace/clean any components (15 screws in total -12 on the back 3 under the keyboard)
    Bad: Advertised and invoiced as having 3 standard USB - it has only 2 and a type C one
    very noisy in full load (it doesn't bother me that much)
    poor quality of speakers
    could have been finished better (but would have been hard to be sold for this money

    Overall I would say that for the money paid it's an amazing laptop. As I wanted mobility it's a massive improvement from my previous 15.6" laptop. Hope this review will help you!
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    Thanks for the review!
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