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Thread: Recoil II

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    Recoil II

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    I've only had a week with the 2 Recoil II laptops I bought for our business recently but so far so good.


    well built, slim, form factor design
    great specification
    excellent value compared to off the shelf laptops from Dell or HP
    £2500 for a similarly specified DELL XPS 15 or this RECOIL II at £ contest!


    nothing major, it could be a little bit slimmer and lighter and have better battery life but as I said above, the performance and savings compared to similar off-the-shelf laptops more than makes up for these minor factors.

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    Good to hear all's well

    How's the keyboard for business/office use?

    The Recoils are a good deal lighter/thinner than other comparable Clevo-type chassis. As you say, one really does need to start spending a premium to go beyond that(!).

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    Thank you for the review! It's always useful to hear people's opinions on their builds, it does help others thinking of the same laptop.
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