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    Vyper Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD 45% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Gaming Laptop!

    I bought this little beauty for £1108. components.png (changed the HDD to 7200rpm and it comes with windows 10- which isn't activating but PCS are resolving this) I find it to be both reasonably priced for the hardware, which all runs without problem. However, it is a little draining on the battery life and I have noticed FPS drops when the battery begins to run down. The fan can be quite loud but I don't notice this when I'm gaming as the sound system is rather good. Haven't had a problem with overheating, but it comes with a fan boost button so will use that if it does begin to happen as it is rather effective.

    It runs even the most demanding games on Ultra (I'm looking at you Fallout 4) with 60 FPS without much difficulty. I have noted the occasional stall, but other than that it runs well.

    I love starting it up to see the coloured key board change to different colours, before changing to blue and back to the rainbow. Having said that, I would like to change the key board to my preference (the red looks great) and I have not yet figured out how to do this (any advice on how to do so?)



    Overall, I'd say it's a 4.5/5

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    For the keyboard you need Gaming Centre, I believe it's called, which is software supplied for the chassis by the manufacturer. Check the downloads section of your main PCS account.

    I am a volunteer moderator - I do not work for PCS, so any views are my own, and do not represent PCS's views.



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