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15.6" Fusion IV - Just perfect!

PCSpecialist have been really excellent.

OK, I received my laptop 6 days later than predicted, but I'm afraid the cause of that was wholly DPD, the courier. Somehow they managed to retain my parcel in their local depot for 6 days, because of 'operational difficulties'. I know times are problematic, but they kept promising delivery and then changing it at the last minute. If they had come clean with me I might have retained some respect for them, but in my opinion they were very unprofessional. Maybe PCS should note this.

The kit finally arrived on June 3 and I was impressed by the packaging and the handbook, etc., also the general appearance of the kit. On powering up of course it went into the Windows 10 startup routine, so I killed that and installed Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, which had always been my intention. I've got to say that so far everything is going faultlessly and integration with my various peripherals went very smoothly. I'm looking forward to using this machine for a long time. Incidentally, operating time on battery battery power is quite amazingly long! I look forward to working with this kit for a long time to come. Fan noise is negligible.


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The BSOD Doctor
Glad you're happy with it, and thanks for posting.

You might want to phone PCS and report the DPD difficulties. PCS staff rarely visit here and if they don't know about problems then they can't get them fixed. :)