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17.3" Octane VI. Bad Experience So Far! Any Thoughts?


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Good Evening All,

This is my first post on the forum and will definitely not be the last however it is not written in the best of circumstances as unfortunately my first experience of PC Specialist so far has been quite negative.

The purpose of this thread is not to start a mindless diatribe against PC Specialist and endlessly moan, but instead to share my frustrations at what I feel was a low level of service and get constructive advice from experienced users on the forum as I am desperate to have my order sorted.

I spent a very long time saving for an Octane VI build priced at around the £2100 mark and was ecstatic when I finally ordered one around the 23rd August. My friends have builds from PCS and I had heard nothing but glowing reviews of the care, level of service and quality product PCS provide.

My order was finally dispatched on the 3rd September, which I was slightly disappointed at as a 5 - 7 day build period was given. I happily shrugged this off as I understand the company was in a busy period.

My order arrived on the 4th September and it felt like an early Christmas, however my hopes were dashed as very early on in the ‘setting up’ process during installing Windows updates I noticed a speaker/audio error. When simply opening the ‘Check for Updates’ box in the Windows 10 menu a thud/crackle could be clearly heard from the speakers - very odd.

I then noticed that it could do this when opening Control Panel and a few other things, while also do it at random! It did not consistently make this sound though. Please see the below link for the video I made at the time, which shows this noise:

Being incredibly let down and frustrated that I had been sent a laptop with a fault, I phoned up PCS to explain the situation with a customer service agent. After waiting 10 minutes I spoke to an agent who told me to make the above video and call straight back when I had sent it.

After making the video and calling back I was told that the agent had not even made a ticket or note about the issue, so I waited almost 20 minutes while another staff member tried to chase up who originally spoke to me... they did not succeed so I had to go through the entire issue again. If I have a faulty laptop why would a staff member carelessly just not make a ticket? I feel I wasted time on the phone but hey ho I just wanted it sorted.

After consultation in PCS, my video confirmed it was a hardware issue so was given a hurried talk about RMA’ing and agreed to have my laptop picked up. With three members of staff I spoke to that day, not one actually apologised to me or even explained what would be happening to the laptop or when I would get it back. I must make an exception to a fourth member of staff whose name begins with A, who I felt was incredibly sincere and helpful.

Later that day I felt quite annoyed at the days events and sent a complaint to PCS discussing the above issues, while also stating I felt I wanted a new build as I wanted a new laptop not a fixed, faulty laptop... a senior member of staff contacted me and was incredibly helpful. They arranged for me to have a new build, gave a clear apology and told me when I would receive my new laptop.

Days went past until the 11th, today, when I received my new Octane. After unboxing and during the initial stages of setting up again I noticed the same fault! The same noise/thud/crackle when performing the same tasks. I again filmed a video showing a clear example of this happening, see below:

I felt incredibly annoyed at this point as I felt a high end, bespoke computer service can’t treat someone like this when they have spent over £2000 pounds. I have also taken two days out of work now for receiving these packages. I emailed/phoned and was told a senior member of staff would be phoning me straight after the call they were on..

2 and a half/3 hours later I get a phone call! The PCS staff member expressed apologies, nevertheless I feel they were apathetic because I was told despite them recognising from both videos this is a fault, there was I roughly quote “not much more they could do”. The staff member told me the team had looked at it and said they could not see the issue, despite the fact they agreed the videos were clearly proof I could observe a fault.

If I am sent faulty kit twice by PCS, and I want to give them my money for the product, surely as ‘PC Specialists’ they should be finding out why this very strange issue has even more strangely occurred a second time? Why did testing not pick this up?

I have agreed to have this RMA’d and another new build sent to me, third time lucky perhaps! However this issue occurs again I will ask for a refund as my patience is limited. I’m sure you all can sympathise with me.

Can anyone on this forum perhaps offer any advise as to what this issue might be? As I don’t want to get the refund and I want a successful transaction with the company.. this is beyond my knowledge level, however I can point to this noise happening in the following circumstances:

1) When opening the ‘Check for Updates’ setting in the W10 start menu. It occurs as the box is ironing.

2) A few occasions when opening Control Panel.

3) At the very start of a YouTube video when the ad first starts to play.

4) At random! When just looking at the desktop with nothing open it could make the noise.

I want to stress it wasn’t every single time.. it would do it frequently though, often after a restart or when the updates box etc. had been shut for a minute or two.

I’m confused as anyone at PCS. This could have happened again for only 3 reasons:

1) This second laptop was not a completely new build, only partly new and therefore a component or the chassis is still there which is causing it.

2) This is a freak occurrence, I’m so unlucky I got the same strange and unheard of issue twice in a row!

3) There is a bad batch of Octane VI’s that all have the same issue.

If anyone has any constructive input of what this could be or what I could do to help PCS that would be great.

Thanks for reading this,



I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad time with the laptop, I'll be brief as I've nothing to add really if it is a hardware issue (which it appears it may be from the descriptions, unfortunately I can't open the files with the clips at the moment), then there's not much that can be done from your end really.

I'd definitely be sending it back, but totally agree that 'third time lucky' isn't really good enough! Thank you for raising the feedback however, any feedback is encouraged here and its really good to see that even though you are frustrated you're able to explain the issue in detail without diving into effectively 'moaning'.
That's usually an uncommon issue. It's often a grounding problem with the audio chipset of the board. To have it happen with 2 new built systems back to back would have my spidey sense tingling too but you're rightly giving the benefit of the doubt. Like yourself, this would be the last ditch from me also. If I didn't receive a perfect system back this time I would be getting my money back and purchasing elsewhere.