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17,3" OCTANE VI - Very nice working machine!


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Hi everyone, I've just received a brand new 17,3" OCTANE VI with the following details:
- Octane Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD 144Hz 72% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080) + G-Sync
- Intel® CoreTM i9 Eight Core Processor i9-9900K (3.6GHz) 16MB Cache
- 32GB HyperX 2666MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 16GB) CL15
- NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2060 - 6.0GB GDDR6 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1
- 1TB Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD, SATA 6Gb/s (upto 550MB/sR | 520MB/sW)
- 500GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3500MB/R, 3200MB/W)
- GIGABIT LAN & WIRELESS INTEL® AC-9260 M.2 (1.73Gbps, 802.11AC) +BT 5.0

I am very impressed with this machine and very satisfied with PCSpecialist. They are professionals, have a very good support and deliver exactly what you choose!

From now on I'll definitely recommend PCSpecialist to all my friends and will be my first choice every time I need a new computer



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Hi Casterbridge,

Thank you for letting me know of this issue you are facing! I really appreciated.

On my end I didn faced any of this issue yet. Although I have a different configuraiton:
1. I don't use Windows at all. I only use debian
2. I use an external speaker 95% of the time

One of the reasons I've bought this laptop (not the main, of course, and not a "dealer break") was the additional "subwoofer" but as soon as I tested it I was really dissapointed on the overall quality. My brother as a 13'' Macbook Pro and the sound is way far better, additionally I use a Bose external speacker, so when I hear music on the built in speackers we have nothing to compare at all...

I'll try to test some things and see if this issues appears to me.

Once more, thank you for reaching me with this.

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