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17.3" VYPER Keyboard Question

Mr Blue

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So I've noticed the keyboard layout on the Vyper is a little odd, in that it's missing the numpad enter and also separate PgUp/Down, Home and End keys. Those last 4 keys are actually quite important to me. One of the games I play often, specifically one of the mods within that game, uses them quite a lot and unfortunately controls for the mod can't be remapped.

Most numpads also have Home/End/PgUP/PgDn with the number keys including the Vyper, and I've tried getting it to work on my current laptop as a test. For example Num 7 could also be Home.

Unfortunately the game will always read the input as "Num 7" instead of “Home” regardless of whether numlock is off/I'm holding the Fn key/etc.

I've no idea if this will be a common problem, or if it's down to the specific keyboard and drivers, or what. If there's anyone out there who owns a Vyper 17 and a copy of Arma 3 who could try mapping a command to 'Home' to see what happens I would be extremely grateful!