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17" Ionico Review


I bought the 17"ionico to replace my 6 year old laptop (which was also from PCScpecialist). The new laptop performs significantly better and is also lighter than my old 15" laptop, at roughly the same dimensions! The build quality is really good and the fans do a great job at cooling the machine under heavy load. Some keys sound 'clickier' than others, which also applies the track pad.
For about a week I'm using the laptop for both gaming and work and overall I'm happy that I made the upgrade.

Only the time from placing my order to getting the laptop delivered took 8 weeks - over that time the price of the laptop actually decreased by £50! According to the customer service, the only way to 'safe' that money would have been to cancel the current order and place a new one; at the expense of waiting even longer, which is not a satisfying option if you depend on it for work. That said, I didn't have these troubles when I first order my laptop 6 year ago..


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