2 Graphics cards or 1 top 1?


Hi all,

I decided to go for graphics rather then 3D, are there any 2 cards when cross fired (ATI) produce better game play (FPS) then the 2GB ATI 5970.

Also how bigger effect will the motherboard do going from ASUS M4A79XTD (defult) to AUS Crosshair IV Formula on gaming?

Any help would be much appreciated.



The 5870 crossfire would be slightly better. The 5970 is made up of 2 x 5870 GPU's (so it is actually a dual-chip setup on a single board) but they are underclocked due to heat and power issues so they probably more like 5850 in crossfire.

I believe when I was doing my research that the 5970 was maybe only 1-2 frames behind the 5870 in crossfire. So IMO for the extra amount you'd have to pay for the 5870's it really wouldn't be worth it.

As for the motherboard. Are you planning on using the USB 3.0? This is the main one difference. You'd also see a benefit from harddrives if they operate at 6GB/s. It really depends what you're future plans are as well as what other components you'll have as well.