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2010 - What a year...


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At that time I was actually on the ZX Spectrum. Granted it was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, but still.

I don't actually remember, but now that you mention it I don't think I did. I know I didn't complete the game and I think he might have been my nemesis.

I didn't get the Amiga until Christmas 92' (A600). My world changed after that point. Handing a guy like me the tools of Workbench and Amos Pro just opened up a new world to me. Between geeking out I mostly played BiPlanes and Stunt Car Racer haha.
I’ve got my dad to thank for being slightly ahead of the tech curve as a bairn. He loved computers and always saved up to buy the best bit of kit he could. I’ve got fond memories of playing Repton and Castle Quest on the BBC Micro whilst sat on his knee as a five year old.

Then he got an Amiga 500 and that’s probably the happiest I ever was as a young gamer. With the vast library of what I can only assume were pirated/copied discs (easily 250 games within 6 months of owning it) I had endless access to entertainment.

I also loved a bit of Biplanes, if you ever fancy a game....



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I don't know where my interest came from to be honest. Past a good space shooter my Dad had zero interest in computers/computing or tech..... in fact noone in my family did.

I'm the go-to for tech with everyone in my life (real world). No idea where it came from to be honest.... to quote Good Will Hunting... like Mozart, I could just play :D


I can remember playing Space Invaders in the 1980s on our first ever computer, a Sharp MZ80K.

Zork as well. Text adventure. Lol.

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1997 - The year the N64 was released.

I was 12. I remember being in a shop (somewhere like WH Smith for anyone UK based) and I saw this brightly coloured Nintendo magazine on the shelf with a monkey plastered across the front. That monkey was 'Diddy' from Diddy Kong Racing. I remember it so vividly. Something just switched inside me and 12 year old me wanted nothing more in the world than the new Nintendo and this new monkey racing game. I managed to get the magazine there and then, but I had to wait until Christmas for the console where, sure enough, I also got Diddy Kong Racing. I played that game relentlessly and that ignited my love for gaming, certainly consoles.

Of course to follow were some real classics:

Mario 64
Lylat Wars (Star Fox for the Americans among us)
Mario Kart 64
Snowboard Kids

They were great times.


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I remember when Doom was released and we had it on our works network.

we also had Wolfenstein but the main game played was Geoff Crammonds F1GP.

Just those 3 games alone had a major influence on 3D shooters, networked games and driving Sims (being able to tweak your F1 car was just wow).

it definitely brightened up our night shifts lol.


Ahem...is it sad I have played a grand total of....zero from that 2010 list? o_O

Gotta say though....2000 was the year of the game for me....how can we possibly forget the classic games that was

<whispers quietly> South Park Rally :D


The Cable Guy
Aaaah, getting your S Rank black chocobo to breed with an S rank ‘wonderful’ chocobo using a zeio nut. I put some hours in there...