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2021 upcoming gaming releases


Played the enhanced version of metro exodus today had to restart the chapter of my save file but small price to pay looks stunning and now with dlss 2.0 enabled it runs like butter ran fine before on older version but hard to describe just feels better well worth playing if you got a new 3000 series gpu and want to see what all this raytracing is about ! Dont know what they have done in terms of character models but they also seem to look better free upgrade if you own metro exodus already refreshing to see rather then charging again and calling it definitive edition or some other jargon looking at you skyrim !!!!


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I've actually had DA: Origins for a few years now. Got the complete edition for under a tenner, just haven't played yet due to no controller support (yes, I'm one of those ppl, a cackhanded keyboardist if you like) but I found ways around that recently.
I also tried DA: Inquisition (on EA Play with XBGP) a few days ago but it's not behaving with my current gaming laptop and no fix as of yet sorts it. No biggie, I can get back to it later, so I uninstalled it last night to make room to try out Greedfall (XBGP) for now.
I'm afraid I must admit that while I did play games at the time, I missed out on pretty much all the Bioware and similar classics (I know, I know... shock, horror)

One thing I will mention re DA and other similar RPG types I have (Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity etc) is while looking at their community pages on Steam I see a lot of ideal build guides, "do it this way or you'll struggle/fail" etc makes approaching more daunting if anything (the pages for Titan Quest and Grim Dawn, which I also have, are especially heavy on this idea)
I find I balk at the idea that if I don't min/max/level aso well my game experience might suffer but I also hate the idea of referring to tons of guides to get through any game. It's almost like having the access to extra help now makes deciding even harder, unlike the good old days.
For the most part though, once I'm into something and chugging along ok I'm good, it's just getting to that point that's hard work.
I'm with you on the guides thing. I know technically if you follow a specific build or route in those type of games you're going to have made life a lot easier further down the line, but to me it takes all the fun out of just playing the game and going with your gut. Sure I've made lots of crappy characters with terrible armour in my time, but I didn't lose the fun by having to keep checking guides throughout the game. I guess some people might like to try and be perfectionists and want all the ultimate stats and weapons but that has never really been how I play.

I play a lot of Elder Scrolls Online so that's a game kinda heavily dominated by people wanting the best stats and the best armour, weapons etc. I just enjoy it for the stupid story-lines and side quests 😅