24" VANGUARD II -Overall Quality


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Hello everyone,
I am interested to buy the 24" VANGUARD II . I don't want to ask about tecnical specs but i really want to hear from someone who already bought it some feedback about:
1) the LED screen, quality of colours, luminosity and response speed
2) General quality of the pc's structure and especially the plastic parts
3) Overheating problems or loud sound front the fan
If you have any other positive or negative thing to say, please say it.
For last thing i would like to ask if you have a photo of the pc from the front and from the back because the photos in the site are all renders if i am not mistaken.

Thank you very much.


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I can't answer the above I'm afraid. In terms of other positives/negatives, the Vanguard is still being sold with 7th Gen Intel CPUs which are generally less powerful / more expensive than the 8th Gen replacements (less Vanguard, more Rearguard..?). Also AIOs will have fewer upgrade options than desktop PCs, and there are the obvious potential negatives such as if you ever have a fault with the screen it will be more hassle than if your monitor dies with a regular desktop system.