3070ti wait times


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Still in pre-production after saying it had been picked Friday... I'm losing my confidence in this now :/

Mine arrives tomorrow, 22 WD it took. You will be soon I think!

Pics maybe coming, maybe not as my set up needs some work.


So I'm about to buy a new house so specifically am waiting to get a new desk/monitor, so forgive the poor setup, but if anyone was interested images are here.

I held off posting for a while as I wasn't actually tooooo pleased when it arrived. I couldn't control the RGB on the fans (presumably as I supplied my own case they didn't want to set this up despite this just being a variation of another case that they already supply) but after Googling and struggling through the severe cable management (that left most cables on the verge of breaking as they were wedged far too tightly at the wrong angles) I managed to resolve by just re-routing some of the cables into the iCue controller after having to cut them free and carefully reposition.

As well as that, the packing foam that they used was wedged far too tightly into the case which although protective meant that I honestly had to force it out - got stuck and bent some metal which luckily just turned out to be an additional PCS branded mount that was in the case but at the time of removing could have been wedged on anything as far as I was aware.

Either which way though, it's here and those problems are sorted so hopefully plain sailing from here on out - hopefully yours arrives soon if you're still waiting!
I've just switched from the 3070 to 3070ti at 19 working days, hoping this doesn't slow it down too much, but if 21-23 days is right I might have it next week :)


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Went in to testing last Friday, praying I get through that and ready for dispatch before 3pm today so it hopefully arrives before the weekend.

Into testing now at 25 days! So excited. Don't super care what the card looks like, it'll be hidden away in my closed define 7 case.