48 beeps then powers off when starting laptop


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My Vortex I5 laptop has a strange problem. If I unplug the power then turn the laptop on, the screen stays off, then three of the middle lights flash, the fans go on full power and it starts beeping, I counted the beeps and its 48 continous beeps before it powers down.

If I plug it into the mains then it works fine. This laptop used to crash a lot but its not crashed for a while. I had it looked at by pcspecialists and they updated the BIOS and changed the hard drive. It crashed a few times in January but nothing for 3 months, just this problem when turning it on with just the battery plugged in.

I have my hard drive plugged in also but I tried flashing it up without the hard drive plugged in (A USB HD) and it still does it. The odd time it actually does work. If the computer is running on mains power and I unplug the power cable, its fine. It just seems to be a booting up problem.


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Continual beeps like that usually means a power or motherboard problem. As it works okay with mains power, the likeliest cause is a failed or uncharged battery - though it could be that the battery is fine and the connection between the motherboard and battery is faulty or interrupted.

It's likely that you'll need to contact technical support but there are a couple of things to check first.

Power on using the mains PSU and with the battery inserted. Check in Windows that the battery is fully charged or charging. If it's not charged but is charging, leave it to continue charging then reboot on battery power only - to make sure that it's not just a flat battery. If it then boots, check that the battery life hasn't become ridiculously short.

If the battery is not charging, power off, unplug from the mains then remove the battery. Check that the battery terminals aren't filthy or show signs of damage - bent terminals or signs of leaking batteries. Also check the case where the battery fits - make sure there isn't something preventing proper connections - like fluff or a bit of lint/paper etc.

If you can't spot any obvious cause, you'll need to phone PCS to report it as a fault. In that case,you need to remove the battery completely - to prevent any risk of leaks or other damage.
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Please contact Tech Support directly for further assistance with this fault.


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Thanks for the information, i'll check it out tomorrow when i'm in my hotel. I can't afford to call technical support as i'm in Singapore with thye Navy, i'm home in 3 months so will try then if the problem has not been fixed.

I'll post an update tomorrow.