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4K 144Hz Monitors


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I ordered a build with a 3080 and I plan to get a monitor to go with it either later this year, or very early in 2021 (most likely November-December). I was advised in another thread that 4K 144Hz is what I should be looking for to pair with the 3080, I then looked at the recommendation thread and now I'm torn between LG 27GN950-B and Asus ROG STRIX XG27UQ. Both have a good price (for a 4K 144Hz), good size, and good specs. I have a hypersensitivity to light and I also just simply like a very dark setting, so peak brightness is a non-factor for me as I wouldn't use it. The Asus monitor review mentions a good minimum brightness, which is a good selling point for me, however if LG is the same (I can't find that information anywhere), then its slightly lower price (and the RGB light at the back, it would look nice in my dark room) is very appealing. Does anyone actually have one of those monitors and could share their experience? Are there any alternatives for a similar price tag, or interesting upcoming releases?

The usage would mainly be games (for all I've heard, games without native 4K resolution should scale nicely if they're 1080p, and would benefit from the refresh rate as my current monitor is 60Hz, so I could play most games on the 4K one), and tools such as Photoshop/Substance/etc. that would benefit from a higher resolution. I'd still use my 1080p monitor as a secondary one for browsing, chat etc. as it's very conveniently mounted (any 4K would be too heavy for this exact setup) and is a good display for its price. I'm not interested in ultrawide, 27-32'' with 16:9 aspect ratio would be ideal.