A beast of a machine!


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My Recoil Series: 17" top spec machine is to replace my 4 year old PC Specialist workhorse. Probably a good spec gaming machine at the time but never used as such... not even a game of solitaire :p
It's a work machine which has a hard life, on all day every day, 7 days a week, crunching videos plus all the normal work stuff, emails, social media etc.
The first one was very much an unknown quantity to me, bought by head office, and a make I'd never heard of, but it turned out to be a great buy and a reliable machine.
This new one (to my spec) was a no-brainer after my experience with the brand, and so far is everything I expected.
Ordering was easy, good website, updating what was in stock and what other options I had to maintain the supply date.
Everything was as stated and I was kept up to date with progress.
The booklet that came with it was a bit of a waste of money (for me) as it is not machine specific and doesn't help with any queries - like what is that little light on the trackpad which just appeared one day? I googled it and found out it locks the trackpad - never had that before but it's great for me as I prefer a mouse any day of the week!
So, if I was looking for an area that could be improved then it would be a little booklet that explained more about my machine rather than a 'book' of general info about boards and components etc.
My only issue so far is that it has crashed twice, completely - no CTRL, ALT, DEL option to restart, I just had to hold down the power button?
I would recommend the brand and my spec to anybody who wanted a great build quality (compared to normal big brand names who seem to design laptops to be impossible to repair without big brand tools and the ability to dismantle the whole machine just to get to the battery!!
Five stars to PC Specialist.


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