Account details question


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't know where else :p.

I noticed that on my account my invoice address is incorrect, ( I set it up a while ago) and I can see the links to change delivery address and contact details, but not to change my invoice address. I obviously need to correct this before I can order, so does anyone know how to change the invoice address?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, but I really can't find it :p.



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If you email our Customer Support Team on [email protected] they will edit it for you. Remember to email from the address linked to the account, so the changes are verified.

Your account will then be updated, and you can download a corrected VAT Invoice if necessary.


I sent an email on Thursday but as yet nothings been changed and there hasn't been a reply. Should I email again or wait a few more days?


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You will receive a reply shortly, replies are taking 1-2 working days at the moment, please bear with us during our busy period.


Hey again.
I've waited 7 seven working days now, but so far there's been no response or changes on my account invoice address.

Time to email again?


Well, I emailed again and still nothings been changed, so I guess the only option left is to call then?

Alternatively, is there anywhere to email using the insite email system?


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The website mail system, send it using that. Also please PM me your email address which you sent your original enquiries with, i would like to see why it is not getting through.