Additional packaging for Northern Ireland?


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Due to having problems with other PC suppliers in the past, I am reluctant to reorder via email. I have had two PC's arrive, fully packed, but despite this, in both cases the CPU heatsink had come away from the mountings! :mad:

One was completly broken and had to be returned for fixing, the other was okay and was easily fixed.

However, my question is;
Can PC Specialist's pack additional 'large bubble packing' inside the PC if requested. Specifically to stop this happening.?

I know it's impossible to protect 100%, but both previous PC's were, as expected, 'empty' on the inside. I guess rough transit handing was to blame, but I would think additional packing would go a long way to stop this type of breakage.

If it's good enough for a washing machine, it should be good enough for a heavy CPU cooler!! ;);)


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either way if the travel is rough there is a chance for this sort of stuff to happen. If its packaged more it may help a tiny bit but if its enough to dislodge the heatsink I dont think more protection is going to much, its still getting the same momentum. If you package too much in im guessing it will have a negative affect whereby there is less 'give' in the protection and by adding more you actually make the protection more 'solid' as a unit therefore making the movement more abrupt.

That said I never did a degree in Transitology :eek:


If a package company such as DHL are going to be too rough with a package then I'm sorry to say no amount of bubble wrap is going to protect a towered PC. Just keep in mind PCSpecialist PC's will have a warranty and you can send back if anything happens (which I doubt probably rarely happens anyway).


Hi guys,

In the past we have experienced similar problems with the "heavier" components such as CPU Coolers and large graphics card. So we now use special packaging in the PCs which are most likely to be affected by this. We fit the special packaging inside the PC itself so it secures all the components in place.
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Thanks to all for a quick reply.
That seems to be the way to go. I'll keep this in mind as a special request when I'm ordering in the near future.
I take the point of DHL and returns etc. but the last thing you want is to have to return a new PC as 'broken' on arrival :)
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My pc arrived last week and the packaging was extremely strong and heavy with plenty of padding inside to hold the computer in place and heavy duty cardboard as the external packaging.