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After 90 day intel anti-theft?


Questions about the intel 90 day anti-theft trial.

1. Once the 90 day period passes or runs out, what happens next? Would I get emailed by PCS or intel to buy a new subscription/license? or would that service get terminated/uninstalled from the laptop etc etc?

2. If by any chance the laptop gets stolen after the 90 day period, would it get locked or just left as it is in the hands of the thief?


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From what i understand, the anti theft tech is built into the system itself (I believe its is part of the chipset...but dont quote me on that) but you have to pay a subscription for the actual service. So the ability to lock the computer is always there... but because it is controlled by intel themselves, you have to pay them a fee each month in order to actually use it.
So you get 90 days free, then if you dont renew the subscription they just wont lock your system if it gets stolen (even though the system is still capable of being locked)

Basically its another way to charge more money with a monthly subscription.

I wouldnt bother with it unless you either do a job thats pretty "sensitive" and carry important information on your laptop or you're very unaware of your own property and constantly leave it in situations where there is a real risk of it being stolen. (For example the video they have advertising it had some total idiot just blindly staring into space and left the laptop out in the open in a public space....)

For a home user who doesnt keep entire bank accounts or secret files or lists of personal information and passwords i dont actually see any benefit to it. Also, if like me, you actually look after the things you buy its never really going to leave your sight if you take it out of the house.

(As well as this... the laptop i now have has a fingerprint reader built in so its already pretty secure.)
Most programs (such as word or excel) are capable of encrypting the file anyway and putting passwords on them to stop people opening them without permission.

If you want to safeguard your laptop i would recommend putting it on the house insurance and keep personal files/info off of it as much as possible (like bank account details) and use the built in encryption in office for anything you do keep on it thats important, rather than spending money on "anti theft" (which wont actually do anything to stop someone stealing it anyway...)
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Would I get emailed by PCS or intel to buy a new subscription/license? or would that service get terminated/uninstalled from the laptop etc etc?

I doubt you would receive anything from PCS, this isnt their service its Intel's
Most likely the your computer will flash up warnings about the subscription having lapsed (sfor example, like expired anti-virus subscriptions)
As i've said, i believe the locking capacity is built into the computer itself rather than purely software, so it cant ever really be uninstalled as such.


I was thinking somewhere between them lines that it is built in automatically but since PCS provides it as a free trial option, it left it with more thinking. However not too concerned, just wanted to know what would happen after the 90 day period ends along with what options could arise if it does end up getting stolen.

If any admin could answer the questions it would be great :)