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AIO - are they correct?


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Looking at the AIO's - they look attractive from a spec / price point of view. But I dont know if I trust the offered specs, or the customise options.

All the machines offer the i7-10700 CPU, yet the detailed specs suggest different Intel chipsets. Not sure if that matters. But all the detailed specs also say max 32GB RAM, vs the customizable option being 64GB max (which is what I want).

Its difficult to tell from the spec sheets, how noisy the fans might be. I wouldnt be gaming - some s/w development, so will occasionally drive the machine into load, for short periods of time. Will the machines be quiet, and as quiet as a typical laptop, or more noisy?

I also presume, these machines have one power cable for screen and motherboard - rather than two.

I had been looking at the various laptops - wanting a 17" AMD 4800u or Intel equivalent, but they seem too risky to try out - in terms of heat/noise, reliability and expandability. I know people are negative to AIO's, but these look good. (I dont need graphics card, for instance). I had researched the SFF PC's but they dont help with power/cabling (was looking to drive via USB-C or TB) a 20+" screen, but that doesnt seem viable.

So, thats the reason these AIO's are about the only alternative to a large-screen laptop.