AIO or not


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Hello people
I am looking to buy either an AIO or mini pc and need help to decide.
Primary use will be Lightroom with some use of photoshop. This is a hobby and so I need a system that works but it does not need to be blinding fast.
If I go AIO it will be 27" Vanguard with something like i5 14400 processor and GeForce RTX3050. To be broadly comparable I'm looking at mini pc with i14400 and IiyamaProlite 27" XUB2792QSU
My main question regards image quality differences between the 2 screens. I do not anticipate any significant gaming but would be grateful for any info regarding how these two are likely to perform in photo editing.
The AIO will come with GeForce RTX3050 which is not listed as an option in the pc configuration I am considering. What would be a reasonable alternative or do I need nothing more than integrated graphics?
Another small point (I haven't owned a pc for 20 years) - is a sound card a requirement or are the onboard sound cards good enough these days?
My thanks to anyone who has time to respond.


I wouldn't buy either an AIO or mini PC

They are just laptops with all the of the downsides of a laptop and none of the upsides so I wouldn't buy one period. That's just me


The only AIO I'd ever buy would be an iMac, and that wouldn't be for gaming...and I know it's completely locked down so I wouldn't be tempted to fiddle with it.

...and even then, I'd be tempted by a MacMini with a decent 27/32" screen instead, which would be just as portable (FWIW, I ended up with a Mac Studio and Studio Display as Apple were too slow in releasing a 27" or bigger iMac).