An Epic bite of the Apple


We love you Ukraine
Two companies nobody really likes go toe to toe…

This also translates to google as well on android, and all the games platforms universally.

This is actually quite a milestone case and for the collective good of the gamers and mobile users.

Ironically we may owe Epic a debt of gratitude in a few years :eek:


This will probably not help Epic as much as they hoped, as it will mean Apple will have to allow developers/publishers the right to offer their own payment methods, but doesn't force Apple to reinstate Epic's developer account or reinstate Fortnite.

If it does get reinstated, then Epic may still lose out as the very quick impulse transactions (i.e. the crack cocaine of the gaming world) for buying in-game tat may be somewhat offset by the length of time it will take an 'addict' to click through the payment options and enter their credit card details each time - and less likely that a child will bill stuff to a parent's Apple ID with stored credit card.

I'm just waiting for Apple to start refusing refunds on unauthorised in-game tat purchases by simply telling the parents that it is no longer Apple's problem, so please speak directly to the developer who may have set up their own payment system in China/Russia/Cayman Islands, but doesn't have any customer service staff.