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Any plans for laptops with Ryzen + Vega?


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Some years ago I bought an Optimus IV laptop and I've been super satisfied with it (still using it!).
I'm now looking around to buy a new laptop with some updated specs and without any Nvidia&Optimus graphics (as those are giving me problems on the Optimus IV).

I'm looking with great interest at the AMD Ryzen APUs with Vega graphics, and would like to buy a 17" laptop which features those within the next 6 months.
Unfortunately, it seems that currently all the configurable laptops from PCSpecialist feature Intel processors with Nvidia graphics or Intel graphics (which, as I understand, are lesser powerful than Vega).

Are there perhaps any plans to have Ryzen+Vega as options in the current lineup of laptops?
A Cosmos VI with those would be a great buy for me!

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That would probably depend on Clevo. Ryzen and Vega laptops are far from what I'd call 'mainstream' yet even with other major OEMs like HP etc.

Also, mobile Vega in its form that will actually compete against Nvidia 1000 series GTX cards isn't really out yet - in fact it's only just been announced at CES I believe though I haven't been following it at all.

You could phone PCS to ask, though you may also want to check back in a few months once this stuff is available in more meaningful quantities across the market.


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I am another one waiting for Clevo to produce a Ryzen laptop. Maybe they actually make the HP models in ?

But I might hold off for a redesign to fix the Spectre-class bugs, more of which seem to come to light every week or so.

Can we be sure that PC specialist will offer any such models? They used to have the odd AMD laptop, but those seem to have vanished, perhaps because they were ridiculously underspecified. There wouldn't be much point in only offering low end Ryzen laptops.


Can we be sure that PC specialist will offer any such models?
We can't be sure. I'm not sure if Clevo or other such companies do them, and if they did there's no guarantee PCS would offer them. e.g. if they did think they'd sell well enough, or couldn't get them at a competitive price versus their other offerings.

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I was very pleasantly surprised when the Ryzen appeared as until then I wondered whether AMD had given up hope of competing with Intel and were just going to market cheaper and lesser products and I am sure others, including computer manufacturers will have had similar thoughts. The problem is that if they were thinking that way there would have been few, if any, plans for future top end models using AMD so it will now take a while before the likes of Clevo start to produce anything, they may even wait further just to be sure the AMD revival is going to continue and they are not going to vegetate again.


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This thread seems to have gone quiet. Meanwhile there are more AMD Ryzen laptops becoming available at reasonable prices.
But no sign that Cleve/PC specialist are interested.

As a linux user with need for some reasonable power, I need something that has maybe 32GB RAM, and Nvidia free. And without speculative execution bugs. I had hoped that Clevo would eventually wake up, but I am getting a bit despondent. It is beginning to look as if PCspecialist is no longer an option, which is sad.


You could call/email PCS. Get an update from the horse's mouth. Plus the more sales enquiries they receive about X product, maybe the more likely they'll find a way to offer it, so it can't hurt to tell them what you want.


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Bit late to this thread but I believe that Clevo has a deal with intel and wont be making an amd laptop (read this somewhere, not 100% sure though)


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I recently enquired about this, the response was a lot more positive than when I asked about 1440p screens for laptops. It sounds like it's under serious consideration, although I have read elsewhere that Clevo aren't planning to make lappies with AMD CPUs, so it'd have to be another chassis type if that's true. Here's what they said:

Thank you for getting in touch. This is an absolute hot topic at the moment given how successful the Ryzen platform has become in the last year+. I will be sure to pass your feedback onto our purchasing team. I can confirm that it has been much discussed and we are certainly looking to bring more options to market to ensure our customers are given the options they need. Unfortunately there is nothing I can confirm at this time.

Not comittal, but sounds like they might appear at some point!


It’s a great question. There are reports leaking already that AMD’s new mobile processors are seriously outshining Intel. I have no doubt within a year they’ll be the go to platform for laptops. And likewise I have no doubt that apCS will stock AMD chassis in the future, they’d be crazy not to.