Anyone really up on Kaspersky internet security 2011?


I swapped from zonealarm as it was a awful system hog on my old system and some times became corrupted and force a reinstall otherwise you couldnt do anything.

Ive been pretty happy with kaspersky but it does have some really annoying things. One of these is i some times use game trainers to get past sticky situations or give me an inital money boost.

The ones i use arent just any old ones found on dodgy sites i use the ones on Cheat Happens. I know that some trainers give false virus warnings and kaspersky has a nasty habbit of just deleting them without alot of warnings.

The two ive had issues with so far are stalker COP and borderlands. Although ive tried to add these to exclusions kaspersky still picks them up and deletes them. After contacting kaspersky they dont seem very interested in helping and the only advice ive got from them is to send them the file so they can look at it.

I know the files are clean as ive used them for a long long time i know its a sound website. Since kaspersky tech support is about as useful as a chocolate teapot i wondered if anyone here has enough XP with kaspersky and could tell me how i can get the program to ignore these trainers and to stop flagging and deleting them.

Thank you for any help