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apple launches new 24 inch imac


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and new ipad


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Just watching the presentation now, I’m quite impressed actually. Prices are normally inflated, but their research costs into M1 must have been significant so I can understand that.

But overall it’s a really nice product and they’ve focussed on the right areas like speakers and cameras. Essentially it’s just a mounted iPad. Be very interesting to see real world reviews.


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I was hoping for a 'chinless' model - as it's the bit I look at all day. I don't really car about an extra couple of CM around the back.

It now looks like you'll get the same performance whether you buy a 24" iMac, an iPad Pro, a MacMini, a MacBook or a MacBook Pro.

Pity that all the first Apple Silicon machines will have zero RAM/internal storage upgradability you have to buy the RAM/SSD config you need (at hugely inflated prices - e.g. £200 for a 256gb bigger SSD, or £200 for another 8gb RAM) at the time you purchase.

For me, it would probably mean a £2500 iMac - assuming they allow a 32gb/1TB config - and I can keep using my USB/Thunderbolt attachments/accessories ;)

I also wonder whether this will be VESA mountable, or whether you'll have to be a mind-read and know you order it without the stand to be able to do so (like on the current models).
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