ASUS P7H57D-V EVO Motherboard


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Just a newbie question please.
Does this motherboard have 2 graphic card slots and a 1st and 2nd hard disk slots.
I have the 1GB 460 graphic card and 1TB memory if I look for an upgrade in the near future was wondering whether another 1GB 460 would be a good investment since I mainly use photoshop, lightroom 3 and dont play games.....but never say never!!
Thanks for your help


Hi Dave,

I can confirm that the the P7H57D-V EVO will support an extra Graphics Card and you could probably add another two or three HDDs if you wanted to :D

However, SLi will not improve the PCs performance in the likes of photoshop or lightroom and it is aimed more towards 3D applications such as games. The GX460 alone is more than ample for playing the latest games so should you have a dabble in the future, your current specification will be more than adequate.

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