australia wildlife photos

amature at best but i love em !



We love you Ukraine
Can I ask what camera and lens you used and whereabouts in Australia you were?

They're really nice photos! (y)
perth western australia some of those were on rottnest island :D little Quokka's running about very cute and not camera shy !!! some were taken in kings park perth and just wandering around the outback sadly after i came back to the uk they had the massive fires

i used to NIKON COOLPIX B600 as i had read reviews and was recommended it by a work mate who said it was good as a beginner camera that would not break the bank was pritty impressed with it the zoom was outstanding used the stock lens that came with it :D

how i was able to spot the seals was i zoomed in on the island to have a look what was on it and saw them sunbathing then i saw one go for a swim was great :D was first time seeing them in the wild